TOM TELESCO – 8/17/15
Chargers GM

“We know what’s going on. But the great thing in football – I guess all professional sports – is we’re very focused people by nature. We all know we can only control what we control. Players play, coaches coach and the rest of us just do our own jobs. This league is so competitive and so hard to win that if you don’t have that mindset, it’s going to make it even harder. So like I said, we know stuff’s going on out there, but we know we can control the product on the field – and we have to win.”
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MLB Network analyst

“Another guy goes down, they plug somebody else in. Adam Wainwright goes down, Michael Wacha says, ‘You know what? I’m going to go out and try to be the ace of this staff.’ And he’s done it. They just are a fun team. If you’re another team trying to build an organization of how you want to model things, I would think that’s pretty much kind of the model. I think a lot of presidents and general managers and baseball people out there would kind of say the same thing.”
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NATE BOYER – 8/19/15
Former US Army Green Beret

“Obviously we have a problem in this country with taking care of wounded vets, and the veteran suicide rate is 22 a day. Ridiculous. It’s just horrible. And then on top of that, I do want to eventually work back in the film industry. I think there’s been a lot of good stories I could help out with being told – military or not. I know that’s such a powerful medium and that industry has a lot of power. For whatever reason, they really latch on to it and listen to it. The amount of money and goodwill that could be done – and maybe isn’t – I’d like to be a part of that change I think.”
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DALE MURPHY – 8/19/15
Former MLB great

“I think the Giants and other teams have shown that. (So have) the Royals. It’s okay to have a nice-sized payroll, but it just doesn’t win consistently and make you competitive just to out-spend people. It just doesn’t work.”
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MIKE FREEMAN – 8/20/15
Bleacher Report NFL columnist

“It’s possible that Berman has some sort of stay where he lets Brady play the first four games as this winds through, but if the NFL loses, they’ll appeal. If Brady loses, there’s a good chance he may appeal. So this could be going on for awhile, and I’m telling you: The NFL doesn’t care about optics. They don’t care what we say. They’re going to come forward on this because they want to win this.”
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Cowboys head coach

“Fight’s a really important word to us. It’s really the foundation of our team. We want guys to come in and fight. You talk about what kinds of fight, and for us, it’s fight to be your best every day, the best version of yourself, and fighting for our team goals – what we want to accomplish as a team in 2015 – and then fighting for each other. The best kind of fight are the ones are I’m fighting for the guy on the right of me, the guy on the left of me, the guy in front of me, and the guy behind me. If you have a team made up of guys who do that, I think you have a great chance to be part of something you’re all proud of.”
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