CBS Sports NFL analyst

“Obviously when you give as much away as you gave to get Robert, you want to make sure that you do everything you can to help him succeed. When Gruden was brought in there, the thing that they talked about him doing was transforming Robert into more of a drop-back quarterback. With that being said, I think you still need to allow him to do some of the things that he did that made him be successful, which is run some of the zone-read, move the pocket and things like that. So for Mr. Sndyer, I think it was, ‘Hey, Jay, we want you to give Robert the best chance.’ But the coaching staff, and Jay in particular, felt like Kirk gave them the best chance to win right now.”
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ANDREW LUCK – 8/31/15
Colts QB

“A bunch in the tank. He’s a stud, man. He practices his butt off. It’s fun to watch him run. You forget you’re supposed to be boot-faking or something, but you can’t help but stop and watch him run. And protection-wise, he’s maybe one of the best ever at protecting back there.”
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Fox Sports college football insider

“Jim Harbaugh took over arguably the worst Power 5 team going at Stanford and he turned them into a powerhouse and the most physical team on the West Coast in a couple of years – and he upset USC right off the bat. He went right at the elite of the elite – Pete Carroll’s program – and took them down. So Jim Harbaugh knows exactly what he’s doing.”
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Former Heisman winner

“And sometimes what happens is if you’re not familiar with a player, you can build momentum throughout the course of a year until you can figure out what are his weaknesses, how can we attack him and so forth, (whereas) J.T. already has that experience. That’s where I kind of give the edge to J.T. because he has led them 12 or 13 games more than Cardale.”
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TJ LANG – 9/2/15
Packers offensive tackle

“It’s not going to change. We got to find a way to go out here and not necessarily replace him – he’s a guy that you can’t really replace easily – but we got to find different ways to be creative and make up for that production that he was giving us. I don’t want to say there’s a silver lining in anybody getting hurt, but it give us a couple weeks before the season opens to really make sure we take a good look at what we’ve got on offense before we go into the season running. We’ve got a lot of production there to replace. You definitely feel bad for the guy, but that type of stuff happens to every team every single year in the NFL. It’s something you just got to adjust (to) and you got to find different ways to work around it.”
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LOU HOLTZ – 9/3/15
Legendary college football coach

“I think that the Big Ten could possibly get two if Michigan State were to beat Oregon and then upset Ohio State. So let’s go with Ohio State. I’m going to go with Southern Cal from the Pac-12. They’re going to rally around Coach (Steve) Sarkisian with all the problems he had at the alumni meeting where he said he got drunk and mixed it with medicine. You want to say let’s go with TCU, but I think Florida State’s going to be back in there. I think Florida State will make it. Oregon could (make the playoff) with the transfer quarterback, (Vernon) Adams. But let’s go with Southern Cal, Notre Dame, Ohio State and TCU. If we go to eight, it would make it a lot easier.”
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KURT WARNER – 9/3/15
Former NFL MVP, current NFL Network analyst

“If they appeal and they lose, I don’t know where they go from here. I don’t know what the process becomes because the CBA, again, was that agreement that said he can do this. Now if the court comes in and says that’s not fair or we’re going to overrule it, I don’t know what leg he has to stand on moving forward. Because up to this point, it’s been Roger Goodell and he’s been that authority and that judge and jury and it is what it is. So now I’m very interested to see the next part of this process. If that wasn’t the case, I think you just drop it and you let it go and Tom goes and plays and we move forward. But I think because of that judgment and because we don’t know what that’s going to mean power-wise moving forward, I believe the appeal has to happen and I think that’s going to determine a lot.”
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