PAT FORDE – 9/8/15
Yahoo! Sports college football columnist

“He’s doing it as a senior. He’s played quarterback at a high level. I was just blown away by watching what he did, and I was happy for him. He missed last year and they win the championship without him. He could have transferred. He could have done a lot of different things. (But) he comes back – and to have that success was great.”
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PHIL SIMMS – 9/9/15
NFL on CBS analyst

“What I’ve seen in this preseason – very limited action from him, but he’s been under center a lot. It’s a whole different look. It’s not him out there running the show, I’m calling this play, I’m going to check to this one, I’m going to do the snap count – it’s not even close to what we’ve seen in the past. We’re going to have to see how easy it is for him to adapt, to get used to this Gary Kubiak offense – because make no doubt about it. It’s a Gary Kubiak offense, what I’ve seen so far. We’ll see if it stays that way opening week. Very basic offense in the preseason. I’m sure they’ll pep it up a little for the opening game against the Ravens.”
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CBS Sports college football analyst

“Their two crossover games this year are Auburn and Alabama. That’s a bad draw. You look at Missouri, the defending champs, they haven’t (had to play) either one of those teams until (the championship game) since joining the SEC. So it remains to be seen if they can survive the schedule. But if they can – and that Alabama game is in Athens – if they can, then I think they’re not only a team that can win the crown in the SEC, I think they’re capable of winning the entire crown. I think Georgia can be one of the real stories of the college football season.”
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DOUG FLUTIE – 9/10/15
Former Heisman Trophy winner

“You’ve got to balance it by saying Texas is not very good right now. They’re young and inexperienced. But Notre Dame’s offensive line, first of all, is as big as it’s ever been. Every one of them is between 300 and 330 pounds, anywhere form 6-4 to 6-6. Their skill-position guys, they’ve got a flyer in Will Fuller out on the outside and also Chris Brown who goes deep. Corey Robinson is a tall, lanky receiver who goes up and gets it.”
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