Michigan State head coach

“You see that every single week. Our deal here is we need to focus on the moment. That’s what we’ll do. This win will pay dividends and puts us in the headlines and everything, but it doesn’t do any good if we don’t finish things. So our focus has to be on the next game. We don’t take anybody lightly. I know that this is a very difficult sport to play, especially between the lines, and I respect that aspect.”
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Steelers wide receiver

“I don’t try to imitate the other team or take shots at guys. Only if I talk to the guy prior before the game and he wants me to do that, but we’ll see. We’ll keep it interesting and fun.”
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Chargers wide receiver

“(He said), ‘Come on, guys, keep on fighting. It’s not over yet. It’s not only the words that he said, but it was just how he said it. ‘Let’s go. Let’s play our game now.’ It’s like a feel-good feeling, so we came out in the second half not really worried abut what happened. I believe we even came back and I think we had another turnover that second half, but it really didn’t faze us. It didn’t faze us. We just kept working.”
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A.J. GREEN – 9/16/15
Bengals wide receiver

“It’s a honor that they have two people on me. But at some point that still doesn’t matter because we have other guys who are really stepping up . . . so that gives me more one-on-one matches.”
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Oklahoma QB

“That first home game (against Akron), being here at our stadium and running out of our tunnel knowing that I was going to play – it’s a humbling feeling, especially because of the tradition here. So it’s a humbling feeling being able to know I’m playing here now after everything that’s happened. But then I got to realize I got to go to work and I got to play football.”
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AARON TAYLOR – 9/17/15
CBS Sports college football analyst

“You can’t take the guy and tackle the guy if you’re the pitch guy. You have to do your job and do your job only, and the way that they have consistently beaten teams who are arguably more talented than them is that they wait for them to make a mistake. They chip away, chip away, chip away and then they beat you over the top with some play-action passing, or they break a big run because somebody was out of position. So Notre Dame is as talented a defense and has as much speed as I’ve seen there in quite some time. That’s not going to be their problem. It’s going to be whether or not they’re going to be able to play assignment-sound football. If they do that, I think they’ll have a pretty good shot at beating the Yellow Jackets.”
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Rangers manager

“I believe it was in the very front of their brains, their memory. Like I said, these guys wash very well, but they have a long memory. They had something to prove. They had a place they wanted to get to, and they worked very hard to get to this point. They weren’t willing to exhale and say ‘Okay, now that we got here, let’s party.’ It’s all about mission forward. It just happened to be Dallas Keuchel.”
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