DENNIS DODD – 9/28/15 college football insider

“At least they’re watchable. They’ve got some defensive issues obviously and they’ve got to fix the special teams. But in the middle of that, the AD (Steve Patterson) gets fired and they’ve got a new interim (Mike Perrin), who’s kind of giving him his blessing. So I think it’s a net improvement right now.”
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Cardinals running back

“I came here to have a big season. I want to win. I want to make it to the Super Bowl – all those type of things. Yeah, I had a good game this past week, but I want to stack those games on top of each other and have good games week after week and be consistent with it. And then once I look back after the season knowing I gave my all, I’ll judge it from there.”
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CODY KESSLER – 9/29/15
USC quarterback

“(This game) will definitely (have) a little bit more meaning (for) him, and we know that. We’re not dumb. We’re not blind to it. But we have to treat it as another game. We have to go out there and treat it as another opponent and someone coming in trying to beat us. We have to be effective and execute the game plan.”
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CBS Sports college football analyst

“There’s a big theme that we’re quite aware of down here in the South, and that is that the ascendancy of Alabama under Saban began the last time they played at Georgia. It was No. 3 versus No. 8, and Alabama just waylaid them 31-0 in the first half and then the next year went on to win the first of their national titles. There are some columns that I’ve read, some articles, that indicate that this will be the end of the cycle should Georgia hold on to win. I’m not of that view. I think Saban is one of the great coaches in the country. I don’t think he’s weary of it yet. There’s some people who think he might be. I’m not one of them.”
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GREG MCELROY – 10/1/15
SEC Network analyst

“Their running backs are very comparable. Obviously Nick Chubb has incredible numbers. Both are potential first-round picks at running back. Both have talented wide receivers. I think it’s a wash at tight end. The offensive line is comparable. Defensively, they’re both very good. I think it’s a coin flip. It’s a really good football game.”
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MARK RICHT – 10/1/15
Georgia head coach

“You can be real emotional about a game, but if you’re not doing the right thing and making mistakes, it’s no good. So we want energy. We want them to be excited about the game, but we also want them to function well. So the bottom line is, are we paying attention to the business at hand? Are we taking care of the things that are most important? And that’s knowing what your job is and doing it well. I think the emotions will take care of themselves. There’s no doubt in my mind there will be plenty of blood pumping on Saturday.”
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