MIKE GUNDY – 10/5/15
Oklahoma State head coach

“Brandon Weeden is better than what people are giving him credit for. It’s going to continue. He’s just now getting experience. I thought that he played pretty well in Cleveland. He got pounded in Cleveland. I felt sorry for him. But he’s going to play better than people think.”
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DABO SWINNEY – 10/5/15
Clemson head coach

“The good thing about where we are – we’re 4-0, but we have not played our best football. It’s not like we’ve gone out there and we’re 4-0 and we’ve just played perfect. We got a lot to coach and teach. We’re going to get better. . . . We were able to make the tackle (to win). That’s what it came down to. And sometimes when you’re playing great teams, you just got to have one more play than them – and Notre Dame is a great football team. They’re very, very talented. But in the end, we were just one play better.”
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COBY FLEENER – 10/6/15
Colts tight end

“I think we’re headed in the right direction. Momentum is in our favor and hopefully we can keep it going that way.”
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DANNY JACOBS – 10/6/15
Middleweight champion

“Triple-G is hundred times stronger than he is. No matter how skillful Floyd Mayweather is, the power would be the difference. Huge difference. So I don’t think he should go out with that type of a bang, but a guy that is respected in his weight division – and Keith Thurman is that main guy.”
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Arizona State quarterback

“Coach (Todd Graham) came into the room and he wrote the day January 11th on the board – that’s the day of the national championship – and he said, ‘There’s going to be some people in here that don’t believe we can make this date, but there’s enough in here that believe that we can.’ I think that really set the tone. We just got to bring it every single week and good things will happen. Having fun was the message. He cranked up the music to start practice and we just got after it. In college football, the way you practice is the way you play – and we believe that.”
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ROB MANFRED – 10/8/15
MLB commissioner

“Think about the alternatives, right? Once you’ve had the second Wild Card – if you, for example, went to a two-out-of-three playoff, you’d still have to keep Monday to either complete the season or to tiebreak. The most you could do is play Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday to get a three-game series out of the way. That could involve travel from the West Coast to the East Coast without an off day. You probably would have to give at least Friday as an off day. So now you have a division winner who has done what everybody’s tying to do – they’ve gone out and won their division – and they’re sitting there from Sunday until the following Saturday without having played. And it really disadvantages that division-winning team. Plus, if you think about it from the Wild Card team’s perspective, if they went through all that, your No. 4 guy would be going against the other team’s No. 1. You just run out of time at some point.”
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CARON BUTLER – 10/8/15
Kings forward

“It got me away from the noise and all the distractions and put me in a situation where I was alone and I got stronger mentally and physically. I stayed goal-oriented. . . . We was playing basketball, we was doing something that we loved doing and I was exposed to so much. It was a family atmosphere. Coach (Jim Calhoun) taught me how to be professional on and off the court. I just took my dreams and ran with them.”
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