Former MLB All-Star

“I think you have to realize that look, we have a chance to advance to the next level of the playoffs. Our goal is to make it to the World Series and win it. If we got to deal with something, let’s deal with it when it’s not going to hurt us. You can’t cut off your nose just to spite your face just to prove a point – even though some teams do that and it works to their detriment. Right now your focus has to be on getting your team to the next level.”
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MATT LEINART – 10/13/15
Pac-12 Network analyst

“I was actually at the game and it made it even more disappointing watching that, but yeah, it’s been a tough year – to say the least – for USC football, for fans, for former players. That game, I don’t want that game to define how the rest of the season is going to play out, but we just don’t know. But it was difficult. You have to beat the teams you’re supposed to beat. You credit Washington. They’ve got a real good defense, but that’s a game USC should win, especially coming off a bye. So just disappointment from the fact that those are kind of the games you need to win – and when you let those slip away, your margin for error is just so much smaller in this day and age of college football with multiple losses.”
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Cardinals safety

“Stay within the process. I think a lot of times when you get good like that and you do it so often, a lot of people start praising you and it’s easy to skip the process. You want to just get to the NFL. But I think if he can just stay within the process, I think he’ll be all right. I’m rooting for him.”
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GERALD MCCOY – 10/14/15
Bucs defensive tackle

“I tell the D-Line before we play that the fight that these women have is a lot bigger than us going against offensive linemen. So let’s try and go out here and play with the same strength that they fight with – just to raise awareness and show that we care.”
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TONY DUNGY – 10/14/15
Legendary NFL coach

“They know how to utilize their personnel and they can play four or five different types of game plans. You never know what you’re going to get. Are you going to get a bunch of wide receivers in the passing game? Are you going to get a two-back running attack? They can mix that really well and they have been doing well. I’m amazed at their defense as well. They’ve lost talented players. They have a reworked secondary, they’ve got a couple of really good pass rushers, but what they do on defense and what they do to fool people – not only fool people but take away what you do best – you have to be a pretty diverse offense to really have success against them. If you only have one way to attack, they can usually find out a way to neutralize that. They’re playing outstanding football.”
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RANDALL COBB – 10/15/15
Packers wide receiver

“Obviously going into a bye, you want to get a win. Obviously we want to get some guys back after the bye, but we can’t look too far ahead. We got to focus in on this week and handling our business. I think we’ve had a couple great days of preparation this week and (we) just (have to continue) that mental preparation over the next few days before the game gets here.”
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RYAN DEMPSTER – 10/15/15
Former World Series champion

“Talent showed up probably a little bit faster than they expected it would show up, and it’s performing. You got some good veteran leadership getting out there. You look at the Jon Lester signing. You can look at what his numbers are on the field this year – wins and losses weren’t exactly what he wanted, I’m sure he would have liked maybe a little bit better ERA – but here’s a guy who took the ball every fifth day and established a presence and a demeanor that the other pitchers and staff followed.”
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HOUSTON NUTT – 10/16/15
CBS Sports college football analyst

“If you look at the depth, especially the front seven, there’s some things that go unnoticed as far as just on the stat sheet. You look at that defensive front, they’re not seven deep. They’re about 12, 13, 14 deep. They bat passes down. You’ll love this because in basketball you love deflections and getting your hands on the ball. Well, guess what? These defensive linemen may not be the quickest to get back to the quarterback, but they’ll go to a certain point and then their hands are up in passing lanes. They’re knocking balls down. They’ve knocked 15 balls this year. Since 2009, they’ve given up the fewest touchdowns in America. This is a heck of a defense.”
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