If you look at the stats, you would think the Green Bay defense wouldn’t feel good about its performance at home against San Diego on Sunday. On the one hand, the Chargers controlled the ball for 38 minutes, had 32 first downs and Philip Rivers threw for over 500 yards. On the other hand, the Packers won the game – the only stat that matters – 27-20.

“I feel good,” Green Bay cornerback Casey Hayward said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “We’re 6-0. I can’t complain about being 6-0. I wish we didn’t (allow) so many passing yards, but when the offense has 500-something passing yards, you’d think they (would) have 50 points maybe. But they only came out with 20.”

Rivers was 43-of-65 for 503 yards and two touchdowns.

“If you throw (the ball that many) times, you’re going to have a whole bunch of yards,” Hayward said. “If you look at the number of yards per attempt, Aaron (was better).”

Indeed, Rivers averaged 7.4 yards per attempt. Rodgers, who was 16-of-29 for 255 yards and two touchdowns, averaged 8.8.”

“If Aaron threw it 60 times, he’d have over 500 yards as well,” Hayward said. “It just comes with the territory. If you throw the ball that many times, you’re going to get completions. You’re going to have a lot of yards. You can go back to the Detroit/Chicago game. Stafford threw for (405) yards on 40-something attempts. If he threw the ball 60-some times, he might have had 600 yards. If you throw the ball, eventually you’re going to get yards. . . . But when they got to the red zone, we made it tough for them. We made it tough for them and it made it hard to score on us.”

Up next for Green Bay? The 6-0 Broncos. Both teams have a bye this week.

Hayward said he will start game-planning for Denver in the next day or so.

“I’m taking the next day off to rest my body,” he said. “We played 94 snaps, I think, on defense. So there was a lot of running around a lot of banging. So I’ll probably get my head into that playbook in the next couple days. We know it’s another potent offense. They have some great players on offense, starting with Peyton. They got Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and they got some tight ends as well. We’re just going to have to come be ready to play and try to keep our offense on the field as long as possible.”

While winning the NFC North and, ultimately, the Super Bowl, are the Packers’ top goals, they’ll be extra motivated going against a fellow unbeaten in Week 8, especially after a bye.

“You never want to lose any game,” Hayward said. “When you can find a way to win the game – ugly, pretty, bad-looking – we know it’s hard to win in the NFL. We don’t take any of those games for granted. We’re happy to be 6-0. We’re going against somebody else that’s going to be 6-0 after the bye. So if everybody wins this week, somebody after Week 7 or 8 is going to not be undefeated.”


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