Actor Daniel Bruhl dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show on Tuesday to discuss his new film, Burnt, which is due out Oct. 30. The film is about a down-and-out chef, Adam Jones (played by Bradley Cooper), who tried to redeem himself – and his career – by taking control of a leading London restaurant.

“I think it’s an incredibly charming film,” said Bruhl, who plays a maitre d’ in the movie. “It’s light and funny, but it also tells you about the pressure and the struggle that these chefs have. And if you’re a foodie and if you’re interested in that world, I think you will surely enjoy it. The food looks delicious. It really makes you want to eat something.”

Bruhl, Cooper and the rest of the cast were trained by Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing.

“He was supporting the whole film and he created dishes for our film,” Bruhl said. “Bradley and Sienna (Miller) were trained by him, and I was trained to be the maitre d’ in his restaurant for a week. So after the third day, the guests really thought I was the maitre d’, which was fun.”

Bruhl said the film gives viewers an inside look at the emotional highs and lows of the culinary profession.

“It’s incredible,” he said. “I could witness it in the kitchen and you (would think) it’s an army; it’s a brigade. The chefs can be these maniacs, as we see in the film. There’s a lot of shouting and screaming and there’s a lot of tears and anger and people get burned. It’s a really tough job. I have the highest respect because you really have to be passionate to do this because otherwise you won’t survive.”

Bruhl was born in Barcelona, grew up in Germany and speaks five languages. He was personally interested in the film because he opened a Spanish tapas bar in Berlin five years ago. He’s also had the pleasure of working with several A-list actors, including Brad Pitt in Inglourious Bastards, Ryan Reynolds in Woman in Gold, and now Cooper.

Gottlieb asked Bruhl which of those three is the coolest.

“Oh God, that’s hard to say because they are all pretty cool,” Bruhl said. “That’s so tough. I couldn’t choose. I couldn’t choose one.”

Gottlieb rephrased his question a bit, asking which one he would most like to go out with for one night.

“Just because I saw him today and I had so much fun on that film, I would pick Bradley,” Bruhl said. “And if you watch the film, you know that there’s something going on between us. We have a special relationship.”

The movie, which was filmed in London, has an international cast, from Cooper to Miller to Bruhl to Riccardo Scamarcio (Italy) to Omar Sy (France) to Emma Thompson (England) to Alicia Vikander (Sweden).

“It was a great bunch,” Bruhl said.

Gottlieb also asked Bruhl which actor has been the toughest to work with in his career, but the 37-year-old didn’t bite, joking, “Some German, I’m sure.” When pushed further, Bruhl said that working with method actors can be “tricky.”

“Unless you’re Daniel Day Lewis, I always find it a bit weird because they’re always in character,” Bruhl said. “I had this one film – (this guy was) punching me from day one until the every end. That was very exhausting.”


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