DANIEL BRUHL – 10/20/15

“Unless you’re Daniel Day Lewis, I always find it a bit weird because they’re always in character. I had this one film – (this guy was) punching me from day one until the every end. That was very exhausting.”
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CASEY HAYWARD – 10/20/15
Packers cornerback

“When you can find a way to win the game – ugly, pretty, bad-looking – we know it’s hard to win in the NFL. We don’t take any of those games for granted. We’re happy to be 6-0. We’re going against somebody else that’s going to be 6-0 after the bye. So if everybody wins this week, somebody after Week 7 or 8 is going to not be undefeated.”
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TOM HERMAN – 10/21/15
Houston head coach

“When I talk to those kids, I feel like if they talk to 1,000 people, 999 of them want to talk about the QB situation at Ohio State. When they talk to me, I just want to know about how their girlfriend is, how Cardale’s baby is doing, how J.T.’s mom and dad are doing – just real-world stuff. So I try not to get in the middle of it. But I know there’s usually only one that plays, and I don’t know that there’s a wrong answer in the equation.”
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DAVID SHAW – 10/21/15
Stanford head coach

“I’m a football coach. So for me, al that stuff gets handled in other people’s rooms and on TV. For us, we got to play each game. We’ll earn whatever we get at the end of the season and we’ll take it and do the best job we can with whatever we get. What could happen is not as important as what we make happen in the immediate future, so for us, we got to play our next game and deal with whatever comes down the road.”
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CHRIS WEBBER – 10/22/15
Former NBA All-Star

“I hope the students sign up because the class is going to be way more fun than this interview. It’s going to be crazy. Thank you.”
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