Aaron Eckhart, one of the most accomplished actors of his era, dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Friday to discuss his new film, “My All American,” in which he plays former Texas Longhorns coach Darrell Royal.

“It’s an exceptional movie about a kid named Freddie Steinmark, who is an undersized kid,” Eckhart explained on The Doug Gottlieb Show. “He was the first recruit outside of Texas to come to Texas, the Longhorns, and against all odds, he makes the team. He becomes the inspirational leader of the defense and he comes up against a life event that takes him out of the game, and it’s about that story.”

Angelo Pizzo, who wrote “Hoosiers” and “Rudy,” wrote and directed “My All American.”

“He’s a good guy,” Eckhart said. “Directing is a tough gig, but he’s the best.”

Eckhart, who of course played Harvey Dent in “The Dark Knight,” is the rare actor who doesn’t watch his own films.

“I haven’t seen a film of mine in how many years. Ten years?” Eckhart asked rhetorically. “I just feel like when I’m making it, it’s such a personal experience and then they touch so many people’s hands afterwards and I kind of lose touch with the movie. For example, after “My All American,” I made four movies, so I’ve gone on and had so many more experiences. Then coming back and talking about it, I have to refresh myself. But this one’s a good one.”

Gottlieb also asked Eckhart about his experience with “The Dark Knight” and working with Christopher Nolan.

“He’s a consummate director,” Eckhart said. “If anybody in the audience can remember or has any idea of what Hitchcock means to them: the consummate director, shows up in a suit every single day, has reverence for what he’s doing, loves his cast, loves his crew, knows exactly what he’s doing. You’re talking about a $250 million movie and he has control over every single aspect of it and he’s really a visionary.”

“The Dark Knight” is considered by many the best Batman film ever made – in part because of memorable performance from Eckhart and Heath Ledger, among others. Ledger played The Joker.

“I remember going into rehearsal with Chris and Heath was finishing his rehearsal with Chris, and Chris looked at me and he said, ‘Heath is doing something special,’” Eckhart recalled. “And we all felt that way. We felt like we were watching a really special performance, a guy who took his role – and who got his role a year before the movie started. That’s how much he wanted it. He really went after it, and he proved himself. When you have Gary Oldman, who’s one of our greatest actors, and he’s in awe of what Heath was doing, it showed what a performance Heath was giving.”

“My All American” is due out Nov. 13.


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