ESPN NFL analyst

“The professionalism of knocking something out of a coach’s hand is probably not right, but I get it. I get it. I’m with you. I looked at that and I was like, if you want to make a big deal about it, I understand. That’s kind of what we do. But I really don’t think it’s a big deal.”
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Redskins safety

“I didn’t see too many coaches. A lot of the players greeted me, a couple of the staff, trainers, a couple of guys I dealt with on a daily basis. But I didn’t get the chance to see too many coaches. But hey, it was all love. I have a lot of respect for those guys, and they have a lot of respect for me. So it goes both ways.”
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JASON GIAMBI – 10/27/15
Former MLB All-Star

“What you just try to do is find that place you can relax and try to make those good at bats. That’s when you sit everybody down and you say, ‘A walk is as good as a base hit.’ Then it takes that monkey off your back of, ‘I need to get a hit.’ Because I think that’s what happens in the playoffs. You start taking those at-bats and you want to get a hit so bad, but before you know it, you’re chasing bad pitches and you’e hitting for a low average because you’re putting too much pressure on yourself.”
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BOB STOOPS – 10/27/15
Oklahoma head coach

“We weren’t able to run the football consistently at all. We were in too many third-and-longs and we weren’t able to convert. Defensively we had a poor tackling day, (whereas) other games we haven’t. Once they got the lead, they were able to play with it.”
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KATINA POWELL – 10/28/15

“Towards the end is when we started taking pictures of the dorms, the bathrooms. We just started taking pictures of everything – except for anything, like I said, that was distasteful. We didn’t want to do that.”
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DAN FOUTS – 10/29/15
CBS NFL analyst

“He’s got an offensive line that’s experienced and protecting him very well. He’s only been sacked six times all year, and he’s got two running backs in Hill and Bernard. Weapons galore for Andy Dalton, and he’s taking full advantage of them and Hue Jackson’s system.”
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NFL Network analyst

“This guy is exceptional when it comes to these leadership qualities, to getting through to these players and extracting that potential. So yes, he is the opposite of Philbin, and that’s probably a really good thing, but even outside of Philbin altogether, I think that if we saw this guy leading, we would be really impressed.”
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