Utah RB

“It’s up to the committee people to look over the games and vote us in. I care about it a lot, but I don’t know what I would say to argue with them about it. We just got to continue to do what we got to do as a team and go out there and win every week so there couldn’t be no argument at all as to why we shouldn’t play in it.”
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DARYL MOREY – 11/9/15
Rockets GM

“The Golden State Warriors were not lucky to win a title. They were the best team last year, they are the best team this year so far – they’re just an unbelievable team. Obviously you can always point to any champion and say, ‘Hey, maybe this could have gone different or that could have gone different.’ This Golden State team is special. I think it’s going to go down as one of the all-time teams. We’re hoping to take them down this year, but they’ve beat us nine out of 10. They got our number. We’re the ones who got to figure out how to beat them.”
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DAK PRESCOTT – 11/10/15
Mississippi State QB

“They’re more physical, they’re older, they’re more experienced. They understand they’ve got to get open faster, and I’m just playing better and I’m studying better and game-planning. Down there, you just got to react. You can’t think. When you think, that’s a second wasted. The ball could have been out. You just got to react and trust your gameplay and just let it go down there.”
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BRET BIELEMA – 11/10/15
Arkansas head coach

“I’ve got a lot of respect for Coach Miles’ program, what they stand for and represent year in and year out. Even though they lost (to Alabama), we know where they stand in this division and what they want to play for. (A win) would mean a lot. We’re a program that’s trying to find its way in the SEC-West and we’re getting better every day. This would be a big one for us. We’ve got a tremendous challenge – one we’re really looking forward to.”
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TORII HUNTER – 11/11/15
Former MLB outfielder

I’m a fan. Torii Jr. is my son. I love him. I have fun. When he makes great plays, I’m going crazy. But I think I’m a fan of the game because I know (guys like) Will Fuller, I know Jaylon Smith. I get to know these guys – (DeShone) Kizer and Malik Zaire and Tarean Folston. I know most of these guys and I’m rooting for them. I’ve become a fan. Anybody that makes a play or don’t make a play, I (react emotionally). I can’t believe I’m screaming with everybody else. I’m used to being on the field and everybody screaming at me. Now I’m the one who’s making those comments. It’s a lot of fun. I can really see how fans really get behind their team and enjoy everything about it. Now I see it.”
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TROY BROWN – 11/11/15
Former Patriots WR

“Don’t take it personal when it happens. I think guys really understand that. They realize it’s a pretty special place to play. It’s not easy to come and play for Bill Belichick and this team, but it’s a pretty special place to play because they put so much on the player and put so much responsibility on him. I get a lot of feedback from guys when they go other places and come back here, like, ‘There’s no other place like New England and the way they do things and the detail they go into to get ready for a game.’ So I think guys understand that stuff before they leave here. And when they do leave, they have a different type of appreciation for what they had in New England and the way they did things here when they go elsewhere.”
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KYRIE IRVING – 11/12/15
Cavaliers guard

“I was always kind of nervous to get in front of the camera, and this was kind of my way of letting myself loose and giving myself a chance to be a creative behind such a project. Partnering with Pepsi (was) probably the best thing to do. Going from 2012 with Chapter 1 all the way to now with Chapter 4, it’s so amazing to think (of) the steps we’ve taken to make this a storyline and have Uncle Drew come to life. It’s been an amazing journey.”
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ANGELO PIZZO – 11/12/15
Film director

“It became so much a part of me both writing and directing. The total immersion, I have a different relationship (with it), and it’s of course the most intense because it’s most recent.”
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