After starting the year 1-7 and getting blown out in their most recent game – 45-10 against Kansas City – the Detroit Lions were desperate for a win.

Well, they got it.

Detroit beat Green Bay, 18-16, at Lambeau Field on Sunday. That win probably felt pretty good.

“Oh, absolutely,” Lions wide receiver Golden Tate said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “Absolutely. What a way to start your week as a player and a fan, coming off a big win like that. For me, it gets me excited to get back out there and try to stack two on top of each other.”

With the win, the Lions improved to 2-7. More importantly, they ended a 24-game road losing streak against Green Bay, where they hadn’t won since 1991.

Why has it been so hard for the Lions to win at Lambeau?

“It’s a lot of things,” Tate said. “They have a phenomenal fan base; traditionally just a really, really good, tough team; great players; they’ve had some great quarterbacks over the years in Aaron and Brett and a few other guys. It’s just a tough place to play in. But I think we showed it’s not impossible win there. We just kind of found a way. It wasn’t the prettiest game by any means, but we find a way to sneak out of there with one.”

Tate, who had four catches for 52 yards in Detroit’s win, was also asked about the franchise’s recent front-office upheaval, as the Lions fired former general manager Martin Mayhew and former team president Tom Lewand.

How have the players handled this?

“Well, this is something I’ve never dealt with in my career – in high school, college or up until this year – so I’m not sure how we’re supposed to deal with it,” Tate said. “But I know Coach Caldwell has done a phenomenal job of keeping us close. Despite our record, we have a lot of confidence in ourselves and our abilities, and we know why we’re losing. We’re losing games because we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. We’re not efficient on third down. We’re not keeping the ball in our hands. Matthew Stafford is on the ground too much. If we just do the simple things right, I think we’ll be fine. We’ll win lot more games in the future and give ourselves a better opportunity in the future. So it’s tough to go through those changes, but that’s what happens when you lose.

“Last year was a great example,” Tate continued. “We won and we kept a lot of our guys, including the coaching staff. And this year we didn’t start off so hot. Something’s got to change. People have jobs to keep. Mrs. Ford . . . did what she thought was necessary for this organization and hopefully that works now – and if it doesn’t, maybe I don’t have my job next year. Maybe guys in the locker room start losing jobs or more guys upstairs start losing jobs. We need to get this problem fixed and win games. Winning games solves everything. It makes everything a lot easier, so we got to find a way to win games. That’s the name of this game. That’s how you get money. That’s how guys get paid. When you win games, teams want you.”

Detroit, which has been held under 20 points in seven of its last eight games, plays its next three at home. The Lions host Oakland (4-5) this Sunday at 1 p.m. ET.


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