MIKE GUNDY – 11/16/15
Oklahoma State head coach

“They’ve worked hard to get this far and they’ve maximized their talent and ability. The good news is, we get to come home, there will be 60,000 people here and the atmosphere will be tremendous and there will be a lot of excitement. I would anticipate it being a big-time football game. We think we can make some plays and obviously they’re going to make some plays because they’re a very talented team. It’s what you come here for. You get a chance to play at the very highest level, and our players will be excited and have a great week of preparation.”
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GOLDEN TATE – 11/16/15
Lions WR

“They have a phenomenal fan base; traditionally just a really, really good, tough team; great players; they’ve had some great quarterbacks over the years in Aaron and Brett and a few other guys. It’s just a tough place to play in. But I think we showed it’s not impossible win there. We just kind of found a way. It wasn’t the prettiest game by any means, but we find a way to sneak out of there with one.”
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JARED ALLEN – 11/17/15
Panthers DE

“It’s a special group of guys. We don’t get too far ahead of ourselves. We really do stay in the moment, we enjoy the moment, but the work ethic is second to none. Everybody’s very self-motivated and just wants to be the best week-in and week-out. It sounds a little cliche, but that is really the environment that Coach Rivera has created. . . . This competitive nature on this team is something that I haven’t seen in a long time. It really is special.”
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JOE BUCK – 11/18/15
FOX broadcaster

“When you’re the guy and you’re delivering the news that their team just lost and you’re getting exited when the other team just made a big play – that’s my job – they equate that with you not liking your team. It doesn’t work that way. I don’t think that way. It’s insane, but that’s how it is.”
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MIKE LEACH – 11/19/15
Washington State head coach

“We play nine games, and anybody in this conference can get after anybody – or at least come closer than any other conference. All the conferences of course are beating their chest, but that’s certainly not true. Regardless of who may end up in first or second place (in our league) – which we certainly would maybe win that too – if you seed out the conference and go below the first two, there may not be any other conference that would beat us once after that. Take the bottom half of any other conference. Have a tournament with our conference. Our conference would massacre them.”
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Navy QB

“You turn the football over inside your own red zone, they’re going to capitalize – and obviously Notre Dame, being the No. 4 team in the College Football Playoff poll, speaks volumes to the type of team they have. They’re a very, very solid team. We knew we were going to have to play perfect and we were going to have to catch some breaks from them to even have a chance to win. That didn’t happen, but we knew that we didn’t deserve that win and we knew that we didn’t play well enough to win that game.”
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