Vikings linebacker

“It’s the National Football League. You’re going to play dinged up. You’re going to have injuries you’re playing through. Now just escalate that by three days and having less time to recover. Now having said that, who doesn’t like watching Thursday football? That all correlates to the amount of money we make and the TV deals. Complain all you want, but if you ask me Thursday night after the game in Arizona (about getting) a couple days off to rest and relax over the weekend – (as) a guy with three kids, I’m going to love it.”
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NBA TV analyst

“I say that from a player’s perspective because a lot of times, a coach can give you the principles and they’ll put you in the right places, but the players collectively have to come to a common goal as to what they’re doing on the court, the things they do off the court, the locker-room environment, what they’re doing on the plane. I think the Golden State Warriors have developed that, and I kind of compare it to a perfect storm: They have such a unique system.”
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JOEL KLATT – 12/10/15
FOX Sports college football analyst

“Here’s the thing. There’s been better players. I’m talking about a player with that scope of ability. Reggie (Bush) didn’t catch the ball like Christian McCaffrey could. Was he a better running back? Maybe, yes. Was he a more electric player? Yes, I think he was. He had better breakaway ability. But he didn’t have the width of talent and the width of threat that Christian McCaffrey does. He is great in every area. We’ve seen other backs and we’ve seen other players that are better than Christian in almost every category but not one of them in every category. His width and overall ability as a versatile threat is one of the best I’ve ever seen.”
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