JORDAN GROSS – 12/14/15
Panthers radio analyst

“There’s the analytical, Peyton Manning-type where we’re going to slice you up because of our game-planning and our schemes and the players are maybe more intellectual types. And then there’s the type that the Panthers have. I’m not saying they’re not intellectual, but they go for the jugular. They’re aggressive, they’ll run up the score, they’ll have fun on the sidelines, they’ll celebrate and they enjoy what they’re doing. I think that to take that away from them – pull back the reins a little bit, take your foot off the accelerator – I think that’s a hindrance to this team.
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TOM HERMAN – 12/15/15
Houston head coach

“That was on the table with a good month left in the season. So that was reassuring to know that a school like the University of Houston would make not only a financial commitment to me and my assistants, but the other things that aren’t as publicized in the contract (were also important): the facilities, upgrades that are guaranteed in the contract, as well as some other things that will really benefit our student-athletes and help us recruit. So that was on the table.”
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CLAY TRAVIS – 12/15/15
FOX Sports college football analyst

“I am always kind of hesitant to kind of give a verdict on what the discipline is going to be. I don’t think that Ole Miss needs him to win the football game against Oklahoma State. Do I think they would play him if it were in the playoff? I think there’s a lot better chance that he would play then. Hugh Freeze wants to win the Sugar Bowl, but I think he also understands that sending a message is a bigger part of the story.”
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Jets WR

“It’s not the same. I never would have played flag football. There’s no comparison. To be honest with you, in my neighborhood, we didn’t even have flag football. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in my neighborhood, there wasn’t any flag football. There was only contact football. The first time I heard of flag football was when I moved to Florida.”
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ROY WILLIAMS – 12/16/15
UNC head coach

“I think right now, my knees just don’t feel good. That’s the biggest part. But you’re right. Larry Fedora, our football coach – who just did a great job, we had a great year this year – he came to watch practice a couple of weeks ago, and he said, ‘God almighty, Roy works his tail off. I just walk around at our practice and watch the assistants do all the work.’ But I am involved. Coaches are involved. It is more difficult. I went 42 years in coaching and never set down on the court one time in 42 years. This year, I sit down periodically. I asked Marcus Paige, ‘Does that bother you guys?’ He said, ‘Well, coach, you only stay down for 15 seconds and you’re back up again.’ So I’m hoping it’ll stay that way.”
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DEMAR DEROZAN – 12/17/15
Raptors guard

“They earned their credit. We was trying to knock if of, especially early on. We had another shot at it, and we fell short both times. But we get up for challenges like that versus teams like that. It’s definitely fun to be in that type of atmosphere playing against a team like that.”
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Jaguars WR

“I think early in the season, you look at Tampa, you look at Indianapolis – it was a few games that really could have (gone differently). But at that point, we really couldn’t focus on that because that was behind us. But for us going forward, the games that we were in, let’s really hone in on these and capitalize on our opportunities that are being presented to us.”
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