For the first time in franchise history, the Houston Texans beat the Colts in Indianapolis, winning 16-10 on Sunday.

Even more impressive? Brandon Weeden let the Texans to victory, finishing 11-of-18 for 105 yards and one touchdown in relief of T.J. Yates (torn ACL). Wedeln’s 18 attempts were his most in a win since October 2013, when he led the Browns to a 37-24 home win over the Bills.

Weeden, 32, was as happy as could be to lead the Texans (7-7) to victory.

“I’m excited,”  Weeden said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “Obviously the last month has kind of been a whirlwind. I was a little upset with the way things went in Dallas. It was kind of an unfortunate deal. We weren’t able to win any games. When you lose three in a row, that’s kind of the number everybody looks at, but (I was) fortunate enough to get an opportunity down here. It’s a good football team, great locker room. My experience so far this month has been good and we’re playing good football. So we’re playing well at the right time. We just got to keep the ball rolling.”

Weeden appeared in four games for Dallas following Tony Romo’s collarbone injury. The Cowboys lost the three games that Weeden started, but two were close: Dallas squandered a two-touchdown lead against the Falcons and then lost to the Saints on the road in overtime. The other loss? Patriots.

Weeden was waived thereafter, even though it’s hard to put those losses squarely on him.

“I have my personal feelings,” Weeden said. “I’ll probably keep them to myself until my playing days are over, and then I’ll probably be a little more vocal about it. But look, you look at my numbers. I think I completed close to 73 percent of my passes. You can say dink-and-dunk, but I still averaged almost eight yards an attempt. It wasn’t like I was throwing the ball behind the line of scrimmage. It was kind of (a) taking-what-they-give-you type of mentality. You don’t just accidentally complete 73 percent of your balls playing this position in this league. It’s not easy to do. When it’s all said and done, ultimately we just weren’t able to find a way to win. This is kind of a week-to-week cutthroat business. When you don’t win, obviously the quarterback position is going to be the first move they make and that was kind of the situation there.”

The Texans claimed Weeden less than 24 hours after the Cowboys released him.

“It was kind of what I had hoped for, and it was a good situation for me,” Weeden said. “We’ve talked about it before. Being a backup is tough because you’re not able to prepare physically throughout the week, but mentally you got to do all the right things. Well, when you’re thrown into the situation, you really don’t have time to overthink it. You just go out there and whatever play they call next, you go out and try to execute it. But our defense was playing outstanding, so for us, when we got in the red zone, obviously we’re trying to score touchdowns, but (we also wanted to) take care of the football and find a way to come away with points. Our defense put pressure on Matt (Hasselbeck), was able to stop the run and did some really good things. We just knew we need to keep them off the field and keep hem fresh. We (needed) to convert third downs and string positive plays back-to-back.”

The Texans (7-7), who are in first place in the AFC South, close the season at Tennessee (3-11) and against Jacksonville (5-9). Kickoff for both games is at 1 p.m. ET.


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