Brian Urlacher played 13 years in the NFL, all with the Chicago Bears, and was an eight-time Pro Bowler, a four-time All-Pro, a Defensive Player of the Year, and even played in a Super Bowl. And he did it all with a shiny, bald head.

No more. Urlacher, 37, now has a full head of hair.

No, Urlacher’s hair didn’t magically grow back, but he did visit RESTORE, a hair-loss clinic in Oak Brook, Illinois.

“It’s amazing to me now that everyone knows about this, even leading up to this thing, how many people are concerned about their hair,” Urlacher said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “I wasn’t really concerned about my hair going into this thing. I was happy being bald because there’s no alternative to me for being bald. I didn’t think there was any option to it. I was going bald so I just shaved my head.”

One of Urlacher’s friends had the procedure done in 2013, and Urlacher was impressed with the results.

“His hair was worse than mine,” Urlacher said. “I don’t feel like mine was that bad actually. He was still trying to hold on to his hair. I had the island, but mine was gone. He was still trying to hold on, so that made it worse to me.”

Urlacher went in for a consultation and decided to have the procedure done.

“I’ve had great results, man,” Urlacher said. “My hair sprouted up in four to six months. I think it takes six to eight normally but I feel like things happen faster for me than normal people.”

Urlacher explained the procedure as “harvesting your hair.” A specialist will pluck good hairs from someone’s head and then “replant” them on the bald spots, where new follicles will grow.

“It’s not a painful procedure,” Urlacher said. “The worst thing about it was the itching after because it was healing.”

Even more important for Urlacher, the procedure did not leave a scar.

“This was a big thing,” Urlacher said. “Say I got the procedure done and I still wanted to shave my head. I still have the option to shave my head with now car. That was a big deal to me.”

Urlacher wore a hat for eight months because he wanted to keep the procedure a secret. In fact, Tuesday was his first time he showed off his new hair in public.

“It feels great,” he said. “To see people take a double-take when they look at me – this lady at one of those news stations I was at, she was like, there’s an athlete in the room over there, but I don’t know who it is.’ I had been there before. I knew who she was. She goes, ‘I don’t recognize him.’ People don’t recognize me. It’s crazy.”

Numerous people have contacted Urlacher for information about the procedure.

“It’s amazing how many guys care about their hair and how it looks,” Urlacher said. “I was’t one of those guys who cared because I was bald. It didn’t matter to me. But now that they know there’s an option, (I’ve had) 10 or 15 close friends that want to get it done and a few others already had have it done.”

As Doug Gottlieb observed, there seems to be “bald-shaming” for LeBron James and other famous people, but Gottlieb doesn’t know why. Neither does Urlacher.

“Who cares?” he said. “I would think it’d be okay for a man, if he wants to have hair, to go get his hair fixed. What’s the big deal? If you’re sick, what do you do? You take medicine. What’s the difference?”


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