NFL Network reporter

“I still think that there’s a good chance that Pagano’s gone. And the main reason why is because this doesn’t need to be a firing. His contract’s expiring. For them to bring him back, they have to give him a whole new contract. If they’re already lukewarm about bringing the guy back, it’s a pretty big leap to go from that to giving the guy a new four-year deal or a five-year deal and something that he’d be willing to come back on given the circumstances. I still think that he’s out in Indy, but the situation, the way it’s unfolded over the course of the day, certainly is a little different and weird.”
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JASON COLE – 1/4/16
Bleacher Report NFL insider

“If (the 49ers are) looking for a proven coach, I think Shanahan gets in the mix there. So I think has a good chance there. I think he has a really good chance in Miami, depending on how things sort themselves out. I know that they’re interested in (Adam) Gase at this point in time, or a younger coach, but (Ryan) Tannehill works very well in a Mike Shanahan offense. So I think those are a couple of prominent places.”
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Former NFL linebacker

“To see people take a double-take when they look at me – this lady at one of those news stations I was at, she was like, there’s an athlete in the room over there, but I don’t know who it is.’ I had been there before. I knew who she was. She goes, ‘I don’t recognize him.’ People don’t recognize me. It’s crazy.”
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TIKI BARBER – 1/5/16
Co-host of Tiki and Tierney

“He ends up having to be accountable for that. It’s a bottom-line business in the NFL. Wins and losses matter, especially after last season when John Mara put him on notice and said you have to have a winning season this year regardless of circumstances. It just didn’t get done.”
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BILL SELF – 1/5/16
Kansas head coach

“It usually is that. I don’t think at our place it’s the big games that make our place special. I think it’s the games that aren’t considered big games that make our place special because you still have 16,300 people here and people are still going nuts all the time. But this night was different. This will rival as good an atmosphere as I’ve seen in the building.”
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Falcons RB

“One thing I feel like you always remember and learn (from) is the lows. I feel like every time we lost a game, we really  beat ourselves. One time, I feel like the Carolina Panthers really beat us. Everybody else, we beat ourselves in the red zone, turning the ball over, not having high regard of the football. It was all on us. We always lost the game by a touchdown, three points, one point – except that Carolina game. But every game we lost, we definitely learned from it. We will get better going into the 2016 season.”
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NFL Network analyst

“I don’t see him at an elite level, but I think he’s a guy that gives you a chance to win, and they seem to have New England’s (number). Not a lot of teams have been able to beat New England on a consistent basis on their home turf, so I think there’s a chance there. I thought Tennessee with Marcus Mariota, that’s a great young prospect. That’d be an exciting place to work, I think. They have the first pick in the draft, so you can market that and maybe get some extra picks and at least pick another really good football player. So I think there was some options out there.”
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JOHN SMOLTZ – 1/7/16
2015 HOF inductee

“You had an unfair advantage, you competed artificially to where your numbers are going to be a little authentically not proven and the longevity of your career gave you an edge over most. So you got the financial gain for that. You got the notoriety of what you did. I just think by making that choice, you forgo your opportunity to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. That’s my opinion because having competed the way I did and fighting like my teammates did legitimately throughout the game, the problem is we don’t have definitive answers on a lot of people. All we have is rumors.”
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Panthers safety

“We don’t want to give up so many points. We still want to try to force turnovers – which, we led the league un turnovers this year – and (give) our offense back the ball. Cam and those guys do a great job of ball possession – running the ball, throwing it and then attacking through deep shots. We’re going to take our time to take shots, but we’re going to pound you. It’s more physical. That’s our mentality. It’s a little bit different.”
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