Isaac Bruce was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 1994. One year later, Bruce, and the team, moved to St. Louis, where it won one Super Bowl and played for another. Twenty-one years later, the team is heading back to Los Angeles.

Thanks for the memories.

“Well, I’ve been saying this pretty much all day today: it’s unfortunate,” Bruce said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “Here I am, Round 2, seeing the same frowns and the same frustrations, the hurt feelings, the broken hearts all over again. But except this time, I’m going from the Midwest back to the West. I think the people, the city of St. Louis, they did a tremendous job, a tremendous job. They crossed every T and dotted every I in their ability to keep the team in town. Unfortunately, it just didn’t win out. My heart goes out for them. There’s a lot of people that (always stop me) when I’m in St. Louis, guys who are 26, 27 years young now, tell me what happened to them and how the Rams changed their lives for the better by watching what we were doing on the football field at that time. There’s a lot of hurt feelings right now. I think as we move on, as the process begins to separate itself, it’ll subside. But right now, it’s a lot of hurt feelings and I empathize with them.”

Bruce, however, isn’t surprised. After all, this is the nature of sports. Bruce, a four-time Pro Bowler, is perhaps the greatest receiver in Rams history, but in 2008, he was released after refusing to take a pay cut.

“You kind of prepare for it,” Bruce said. “You want to talk loyalty. There’s really no loyalty in it. I’ll use you until I can use you. That’s kind the same mentality I try to teach the young guys. It’s a loyalty until I can find someone a little bit younger, a little bit more inexpensive to do your job. And you know what? I can respect them for that. I saw it happen with guys prior to me being there. It happened to the great Jerry Rice of my day. He was released a couple of times. So that’s the way it happens. The business part of it has to happen. The business part of it didn’t work out for the city of St. Louis last night. I think it’s going to be alive and well (in Los Angeles), but my heart goes out for St. Louis.”


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