DON YEE – 1/11/16

“In fact, most sports lose money. So they’ve already made the decision with respect to a lot of the other sports, the non-revenue-producing sports, that we still think it’s important to provide these outlets. In fact, almost every university yin the country also provides intramural athletics for all students. That doesn’t raise any revenue, but it’s a benefit to all the students.”
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AMY TRASK – 1/13/16
TOPS analyst

“I will tell you that my impression was always the same as yours, which this is and was a Raiders hotbed. But anecdotally, I will tell you I see so much Rams stuff around town – and that preceded yesterday’s announcement. So in that regard, there does seem to be a quiet, softer passion for the Rams here than I might have realized.”
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ISAAC BRUCE – 1/13/16
Former Rams WR 

“You want to talk loyalty. There’s really no loyalty in it. I’ll use you until I can use you. That’s kind the same mentality I try to teach the young guys. It’s a loyalty until I can find someone a little bit younger, a little bit more inexpensive to do your job. And you know what? I can respect them for that. I saw it happen with guys prior to me being there. It happened to the great Jerry Rice of my day. He was released a couple of times. So that’s the way it happens. The business part of it has to happen. The business part of it didn’t work out for the city of St. Louis last night. I think it’s going to be alive and well (in Los Angeles), but my heart goes out for St. Louis.”
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