STEVE PROHM – 1/19/16
Iowa State head coach

“That doesn’t mean two-and-a-half hours a day. That just means for that time that we’re over at the arena or our practice facility that we’re engaged and we’re reworking to get better. Each game counts as one. One win, one loss. So our focus, attention to detail – it has to be the best it’s been come Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, as we head to Fort Worth. Because obviously it’s a big game for them as well. You can’t overlook anybody in this league. This has to be our best game to date.”
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“People think it’s going to make it worse. I think it does the opposite. People to say to me, ‘I can’t take Jon Gruden seriously anymore.’ Well, he’s nuts. He’s always like that. He’s got that (crazy) look on his face.”
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JOHN LYNCH – 1/20/16
FOX NFL analyst

“But if that’s the formula, which I think it has to be against New England, the defense has got to step up their game. I don’t know if they were rusty or if injuries played (a part, but) they didn’t look like a dominant defense last week – and I think that’s what they’re going to have to be to beat Tom Brady and the Patriots, who have gotten healthy here on their bye week.”
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JAMES BLAKE – 1/20/16
Tennis Channel analyst

“Instead of seeing money right in front of their face, you’ve got to think about how much it’s going to affect the entire sport, how much you’re hurting the game you love that’s opened so many doors for you. If someone did this, especially if a top player ever did this, it’s so damaging to the sport. Whether you made $50,000 or $100,000, is that worth wrecking the sport that gave you every opportunity to succeed? I just think it’s so short-sided for anyone to take any sort of a bribe or any sort of measure like this.”
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