Tim Brown has only been in the Hall of Fame since August, but already he has felt the impact of Canton in his life.

“It really has been remarkable,” Brown said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “People say all the time, ‘Things happen to you that changes your life.’ I don’t know if it’s changed my life, but certainly it has put me in a position to do even bigger, greater things that I had been working on already. I understand that when I put this jacket on, I’m not representing just myself. There are many men who are standing over my shoulders when I out this ring and jacket on. I have to be very cognizant of how I’m representing this jacket. Some of these older guys who are in the Hall and have been there for years, they’ll call you out. I’ve seen it done that first year, how some of these guys will say, ‘Look, man, this is what we have to have happen if we’re going to be the group that we say we are.’”

Brown, 49, is one of the most accomplished football players ever. He won a Heisman Trophy at Notre Dame, was a nine-time Pro Bowler, played in a Super Bowl, and ranks among the top 10 receivers all time in catches, yards and touchdowns.

Interestingly enough, Brown spent 16 of his 17 seasons playing for the Raiders, but he almost signed with Denver a few years into his career. In fact, he did.

Only Al Davis wouldn’t let him leave.

Brown, then a restricted free agent, signed with Denver in March 1994. Davis matched the offer almost a week later.

“I never had a conversation with (Davis), and because of that, we thought it was a done deal, that I would be going to the Broncos,” Brown recalled. “So I had to put my house on the market in L.A., and on the sixth day, I got the call from my agent that he was matching the contract. We were a little bit shocked by it because we didn’t think there was any chance that he was going to do it. But it happened and I came back. I can remember when I heard that and signed my contract with the Raiders, I immediately went into a six-hour conversation with Al Davis (about) all the problems and the reasons I wanted to leave. We had a chance to talk about them all and work them out.”

Brown, who played for the Raiders in both Los Angeles and Oakland, was asked where the franchise’s rightful home is.

“Their rightful home is Oakland, no doubt about it,” Brown said. “Whether that will end up being the deal, I don’t know. But that’s where they should be, no doubt about it.”


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