ANDRE REED – 2/1/16

“From the craft, out of those three, I’m not going (to do an injustice) to any of them. Terrell probably had the most impact. Isaac Bruce is probably the most consistent, and Torry Holt had ten 1,000-yard seasons – eight of them in a row. It’s hard to say from my standpoint because I look at the guys I played with. That’s a tough one, Doug. Really, that is. I’m not going to say one is better than the other two.”
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AMY TRASK – 2/1/16
Former Raiders executive

“He has until January 17th of next year to make a decision as to whether he wants to remain in San Diego or relocate to Los Angeles, and he has to play offense and defense, to use a football analogy. Offensively, he needs to decide where do I want to be? And if San Diego is a choice, can I get a stadium deal done in San Diego? From a defensive standpoint, he has to decide am I willing to stay in San Diego knowing that if I choose to do so, it is very, very probable that the Raiders relocate to Inglewood.”
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Panthers CB

“There’s this thing that we have in us. It’s called adrenaline. I’ve done some crazy things game-wise on adrenaline. You can definitely have an adrenaline overdose. I’ve done that before. You have to control your adrenaline and how much is released. Trust me, I’ve played hurt many times, but when you’re not thinking about it, when you’re just in the moment, when you’re in the zone – you’re not tight, you’re just focused in – you can do a lot of stuff.”
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TIM BROWN – 2/2/16

“So I had to put my house on the market in L.A., and on the sixth day, I got the call from my agent that he was matching the contract. We were a little bit shocked by it because we didn’t think there was any chance that he was going to do it. But it happened and I came back. I can remember when I heard that and signed my contract with the Raiders, I immediately went into a six-hour conversation with Al Davis (about) all the problems and the reasons I wanted to leave. We had a chance to talk about them all and work them out.”
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BRIAN KELLY – 2/3/16
Notre Dame head coach

“Before, it was video tape and that was about it. Now you’ve got all forms of streaming video online that you can easily access. So it works both ways, but I would say the transparency of the process is where it’s changed the most.”
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MATT RYAN – 2/3/16
Falcons QB

“We had a drive in the second game – our first series of the game – and we went three-and-out, but there was a penalty on the third down so we got an automatic first down. We went 12 plays after that and had a 15-play drive for a touchdown to start the game. I think the game changes on that one penalty. Had we gone three-and-out and they go back down and score again, who knows? Maybe (we get down big again).”
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TIM TEBOW – 2/4/16
Former Heisman winner

“That’s something that I’ve tried to do is improve and learn and not look back and say, ‘Man, I wish I could change something.’ It’s (all about) the next opportunity I have, how can I do that better.”
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JERRY RICE – 2/4/16

“I ain’t never seen someone so fast. When I played against Deion, I had to have double and triple moves off the line of scrimmage and hope the quarterback throws it on time – because he could recover.”
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LES MOONVES – 2/4/16
CBS President

“Our deal clearly was with Floyd Mayweather, and he has said to me he really is done. The amount of money he made was so extraordinary. The amount of money they both made was extraordinary. At this moment, he has made no noise that he wants to come back and do another fight. Look, the fight wasn’t the most exciting of all time and people aren’t clamoring for a rematch. Maybe if that had been the case, it would have been a different story. But Floyd, at the moment, seems happy to be in retirement.”
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TONY ROMO – 2/5/16
Cowboys QB

“If I told you anything, it’s that you need both to have a chance to be successful every year. In one year, you can just play great and you can win it. Your defense can be dominant and they can win it. Your quarterback can be playing lights out and he can help you win it. But to be in contention year in and year out, you really need a defense that plays at quite a high level.”
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