It’s hard to believe, but Tony Romo turns 36 in April.

That, however, doesn’t mean he’s slowing down. In fact, he may just be getting started.

“Well, I think what you’re finding is that a lot of quarterback are playing great the older you get,” Romo said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “So much of (the game) has become mental. That’s the kind of stuff you can’t really teach. It’s inherent. That’s why guys are playing so well the older they get. If you look at the final four teams, three of the four were older guys. It’ll be like that for a while.”

We’ll also keep seeing defensive-minded teams advance to – and win – the Super Bowl.

“What happens is, you get to the playoffs – and really any big game in general – (defense matters),” Romo said. “Here’s an easy example: Who won between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady two weeks ago? Peyton played good and Tom played good. You look at it, though, and just the better defense won out in the game. That’s not a knock, but when you have to win two, three, four games, its unrealistic to think that (defense doesn’t matter). In any sport, the one constant you’ll have is defense each day. They will play at their level. Offensively, scheme matters. A dropped pass on third down, an overthrow, a missed protection – that stuff ends drives. The dominant defenses are going to be in a running for a championship each year.

“At the same time, you need a quarterback,” Romo continued. “If I told you anything, it’s that you need both to have a chance to be successful every year. In one year, you can just play great and you can win it. Your defense can be dominant and they can win it. Your quarterback can be playing lights out and he can help you win it. But to be in contention year in and year out, you really need a defense that plays at quite a high level.”

Romo, who has spent his entire 13-year career in Dallas, has battled injuries in recent years but believes he still has what it takes to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. He’s happy to partake in the festivities this weekend, but ultimately, he wants to experience the game on the field.

“Everything that I do is basically trying to be playing here next year,” Romo said. “I basically make that decision each day in a lot of decisions I make. That’s what burns inside of you. That’s what you play the game for. Hopefully we’ll be here soon.”


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