Mere hours before calling the Warriors/Rockets game on Tuesday night, Brent Barry dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss Golden State’s historic season. The Warriors (46-4) are off to the best start in NBA history and have won nine straight games.

But let’s go a little deeper, shall we? During their nine-game winning streak, the Warriors have beaten the Cavaliers by 34, the Bulls by 31, the Spurs by 30 and the Mavericks by 20.

That’s pretty darn impressive.

So, can the Warriors break the all-time single-season wins record set by Michael Jordan and the 1995-96 Bulls?

In a word, yes. In more than one word, yes, especially when you consider that Golden State started 41-9 last season before going 26-6 in its final 32 games. If the Warriors do that this year, they’ll finish exactly 72-10, which would tie the Bulls’ record. If they do even one game better this year, they’ll break it.

And make no mistake: this year’s Warriors team is better than last year’s Warriors team.

“It would be crazy talk to think that this team cannot break the record this year given the run they went on last year and how they finished out the year,” Barry said on The Doug Gottlieb Show. “I believe they play San Antonio three more times and Oklahoma City two more times, so there’s five more monster games at least in the Western Conference that they have left on the schedule. But even if they go 3-2 in those games and there’s three other losses and 24 other wins that they got to find, I think they can do it. I think that they’re poised to do it. I think they’re not dead-set on doing it, but they’re not shying away from it. There’s been plenty of chatter about that. ”

“But they control their destiny,” Barry continued. “That’s the awesome part about watching the process of what the Golden State Warriors represent. They know on a nightly basis (that they control their destiny). It’s such a rarified position that you can step on the court and know that look, tonight, we’re going to win this game, or we are going to lose this game – not the other team is going to beat us; we’re going to lose the game by screwing it up and doing the things that we can control that damages our chances to winning. That’s an awesome thing as a player, as a coaching staff, and as an organization to be feeling – and they’re right there.”

While the Warriors are dominating the West, the Knicks are slipping in the East (23-31). New York, which went 17-65 last season, started 22-22 this year but has lost five straight and nine of 10.

The Knicks fired Derek Fisher on Monday.

“I was really shocked,” Barry said. “Surface-level, if you look at what the Knicks have done in terms of their improvement this year, as a basketball person, you could understand that their roster really just improved. They brought in guys who were going to make that team better and the (Kristaps) Porzingis fascination and sensation really was just an added bonus for the Knicks. But obviously on some deep levels there’s some things going on in New York, and especially with Fish and how he was building the foundation of that team. There were cracks, and Phil (Jackson) decided to make this move and (he’ll decide) what he’s going to do after this season is over with.”

Kurt Rambis will serve as New York’s interim coach. Rambis is 56-145 as a head coach.


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