Michigan State guard

“It’s not easy to go 13-0 and everybody pretty much has their roles, and then I go out and everybody has to step up. People are playing different minutes and things like that – it just takes time. Teams go through adversity ever year, and ours happened to be in the middle of the year. I just think we had to get used to playing with each other again. I think we’re playing some of our best basketball right now.”
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Former Slam Dunk champion

“Dr. J is not going to give a 10 very often because he thinks his dunk was better. Shaq is just being Shaq. I think he was out there just being silly. I mean, those dunks were 10s. I think everybody knows that. I just think you need to really be cognizant of who you put on the panel. The NBA wants guys that are recognizable there, but there’s a lot of guys they can put on the panel that I think could do a better job. But at the end of the day, they want to make sure they have the big-name guys there if they can get them to come out.”
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RIC BUCHER – 2/16/16
Bleacher Report NBA senior writer

“When there’s any sort of coaching change, you’re always going to get a bounce. In general in the locker room, people are aware that there’s a dead man walking and that begins to carry a weight in and of itself when you’re just waiting and anticipating when’s it going to happen. You’re distracted by the very nature of that situation. Now, Tyronn calling out LeBron and making him accountable, there’s been reports that David Blatt was afraid to do (that), and I do know that he did tip-toe around LeBron far more than people would have wanted. That in and of itself isn’t going have a dramatic difference in how the Cavaliers play. I just think they are a structurally flawed team as far as where the bar is set, which is they’re supposed to win a championship.”
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SHAUN KING – 2/16/16
New York Daily News senior writer

“In fact, several staff members who she had a hard time getting along with said they did not believe she would ever make a big deal about another player being mooned. In fact, all of her testimony always said, ‘It was worse than a mooning.’”
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Hornets head coach

“When Al went down, we’ve become much more of a ball-movement, multiple-pick-and-roll, multiple-dribble-handoff team. We’ve done fine with it. I think right now we’re 12th in offense and the nights when we shoot the ball well, we’re very good.”
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KEN BERGER – 2/17/16
CBS Sports NBA insider

“I don’t want to necessarily jump the gun before some additional tests that are scheduled with him are made and some decisions (are) made, but clearly (this is) devastating news. He had this issue with the clots last year. Extremely scary to have a situation like that where it goes to your lungs. It can be fatal. To be on blood-thinning medication and playing a full-contact sport, which, everybody knows the NBA is, is potentially dangerous. So a lot of issues there.”
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RAJA BELL – 2/18/16
CBS Sports NBA analyst

“So yeah, they’re committed to making it work this year – and quite frankly, I think it will. I think they have to play a certain way to beat Golden State, but if they’re committed to it and they execute a game plan and don’t stray from it, I think they can beat them.”
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CBS college basketball analyst

“Is it easier to prepare for them? Yeah. Some of the plays – and even some of the hand signals – haven’t changed since when I was in school. I ran a lot of that stuff because the Kansas/Carolina playbooks are very, very similar. But I don’t think it’s stale. I have to give Coach K his credit. He has taken so much from USA Basketball.”
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