It’s been a tough two years for Victor Cruz. After being limited to six games with a torn patellar tendon in 2014, Cruz missed all of 2015 while recovering from a left calf injury that ultimately required surgery.

Luckily for the Giants, Cruz, 29, will be ready to roll in 2016.

“I’m doing well,” Cruz said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “Calf is feeling very, very good. I’m getting better and better as the days progress. I should start running by the first week of March. So I’m excited just to get to these benchmarks and start getting back to my usual self and feeling good about being an athlete and being myself again.”

Cruz will return to a decidedly different organization this year – at least in some ways. The Giants, who went 6-10 last year, parted ways with Tom Coughlin in January and promoted Ben McAdoo from offensive coordinator to head coach. Based on that, it seems the Giants felt their offense was fine and will simply work to improve other areas.

Is that a fair assumption?

“I think it’s a fair assumption,” Cruz said. “It’s the same assumption probably most of us made when they hired Coach McAdoo, saying he has a great rapport with Eli Manning. Eli has had his best QBR rating of his career under Coach McAdoo, so that’s obviously working to our favor. It’s just a matter of filling in the gaps and the holes that they feel are gaps, whether it be through the draft or free agency.”

While Cruz is eager to get back on the field and is happy to play for McAdoo, he won’t forget his time under Coughlin. Cruz played for Coughlin since entering the league in 2010 and remembers a certain phrase the soon-to-be septuagenarian always uttered: You have to be humble enough to prepare and confident enough to perform.

“That’s one of the phrases that (sticks) with me,” Cruz said. “I feel like it embodies Coach Coughlin’s philosophy – all of it in a nutshell. It embodies everything that he’s taught me. He’s a guy I will definitely never ever forget in terms of being the catalyst to believing in my skill set and having the faith and putting me out there on the field.”


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