Pelicans forward

“When I first got down here and I was going through everything was a rookie, he was kind of there to support me and try to show me the way from a basketball standpoint on how to get through your rookie year and then take off. He always told me he saw great talent within me.”
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SAM AMICK – 2/22/16
USA Today NBA insider

“They lose two in a row and you start going, ‘Uh-oh, that’s not the kind of thing they can afford to have happen.’ For one – and the Warriors dealt with this, I think, in Portland – (we had the) longest break in All-Star history. I think you kind of saw that some teams like the Thunder just didn’t come out sharp and weren’t ready to roll.”
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Lions QB

“I think anytime you have a feeling about a guy or you understand what he’s going through, you just try to respect the way he plays the game. The guy came out all year and played his tail off for us and that was pretty awesome knowing that he was at least contemplating, thinking about these things, is tough. But he’ll make his decision and we’ll go on from there.”
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VICTOR CRUZ – 2/23/16
Giants WR

“It’s the same assumption probably most of us made when they hired Coach McAdoo, saying he has a great rapport with Eli Manning. Eli has had his best QBR rating of his career under Coach McAdoo, so that’s obviously working to our favor. It’s just a matter of filling in the gaps and the holes that they feel are gaps, whether it be through the draft or free agency.”
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CHRIS MACK – 2/24/16
Xavier head coach

“Obviously he had the setback at Villanova when he had the concussion, and it took him a couple weeks to sort of get back to his normal self. But coming in, we felt like he was going to have a really good freshman year. We knew he was explosive. His size allows him to do things that Dee Davis, for as good as he was (at 6-feet), just can’t do at 6-6.”
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Former Colorado football player

“I thought it was a promotional stunt to get the movie going. It was either that or a crazy fan that wanted to walk in and make a scene. I didn’t sense any immediate danger at all right away.”
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DENNIS DODD – 2/25/16
CBS Sports college football writer

“Those same comments are included in the police report. In the police report, the kid says he was beat up for helping this woman. I don’t know if there’s any specific language in there of the coach calling him a traitor.”
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NEVIL SHED – 2/25/16
Former Texas Western center

“When I first met him, it was this little stocky man. He was very cordial, but we got right to work. The minute I found some tennis shoes, hey, it was all history.”
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