For many scouts and NFL analysts, Joey Bosa is the top prospect in this year’s draft. In fact, many see Bosa, who as a sophomore helped Ohio State to the national championship, as the next J.J. Watt.

That’s quite an honor, especially since Watt is perhaps best defensive football player in the world. But how exactly does Bosa compare to his Big Ten buddy?


“Not at all. Not close,” NFL Bleacher Report writer Matt Miller said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “Here’s my thing: They do test similarly, but Watt weighs 20 pounds more. Bosa lost weight for (the Combine). He came in at 269. Watt was around 290. When you compare them just the numbers, yeah, they kind of are alike. But Watt was so much stronger, so much more explosive in his vertical jumps – and did it all at 290 pounds. So I think Joey Bosa is more like a Jared Allen, more like a Greg Hardy. He’ll be a good strong side defensive end, but I don’t think he’s this great player that a lot of people are starting to make him out to be. I think he’s really good, but I don’t think he’s great.”

While Bosa could go No. 1 to Tennessee, the Cleveland Browns will almost assuredly select a quarterback with the second overall pick. The top two prospects are North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz and Cal’s Jared Goff.

Both have pros. Both have cons. Neither is can’t-miss.

“Right now, I still have Jared Goff a little bit higher than Carson Wentz, but we’ll see. There’s still seven or eight weeks until the draft, so things could definitely change,” Miller said. “I think with Carson Wentz you are definitely getting all the raw materials to have a very good quarterback. He’s big, he’s strong, he throws the ball well to every level of the field, he can move a little bit – there was some read-option in their offense there – and he’s been tested in the elements. I think Wentz, there’s kind of that unknown that’s intriguing right now. It’s almost like, what can we do with this kid? He comes from a small school, which a lot of times means they weren’t coached exceptionally well. It’s kind of that unknown factor that’s boosting his stock a little bit.”

But please, Miller requested, don’t compare Wentz or Goff – or any quarterback prospect – to Andrew Luck, as many analysts are doing.

“I want to throw up (when I hear that),” Miller said. “No one is Andrew Luck in this class or the last class or the one before it. But those two quarterbacks are intriguing. Goff isn’t huge. He’s 6-4, 215. He just turned 21 years old. But he is very, very intelligent, handles all the line checks, handles the audibles, ran a fast-pace offense where had to think quickly, and he handled it with exceptional poise in the pocket. I don’t know that there’s a wrong choice between either of those guys right now. It’s more in terms of what are you looking for at the position.”

While Bosa, Wentz and Goff are in play for the top pick – depending on whether or not the Titans trade down – so too is Laremy Tunsil. When Miller looks at the Ole Miss offensive tackle, he sees nothing but greatness.

“I see a guy who should start for 12 years,” Miller said. “Everything he does is easy.”


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