JACOB TAMME – 3/7/16
Falcons TE

“When you’re in the process of earning that respect, he would stay after (practice) at least one night a week and we would stay and watch film. We would get on the same page to the highest degree we could with Peyton. Looking back on my time with him, those were the things I enjoyed the most. Were you putting in a little extra time? Sure, you were. But that’s what made it fun. That’s what made it special.”
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Fox Sports MMA insider

“He was jumping up two higher weight classes. He was fighting a guy who has a lot of physical advantages over him and he’s still the featherweight champion. And the way in which he dealt with the loss, with class and professionalism, I think, actually gained him more fans.”
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“It just doesn’t happen that way. But what you can do is take some of what they try to do or look at the way they built their roster or look at what is benefiting them in terms of athletes of all the same size who can switch screens, who can pick up guys in transition that are not theirs. You can take concepts of that.”
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DANA WHITE – 3/8/16
UFC president

“Since the early days: What’s going to happen to the UFC when Chuck Liddell is gone? what’s going to happen when GSP (Georges St. Pierre) is gone. What about Anderson Silva? And the list just goes on and on. Saturday night was an amazing night. It was an amazing night for everybody – for the UFC, for fans. People show up to see fights – and that’s what you saw on Saturday night. How is that ever a bad thing?”
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LOVIE SMITH – 3/9/16
Illinois head coach

“The part I like about football in general is the relationships you build. That’s what recruiting is about – you selling your product and getting people to trust what you say. I’m going to be me. I feel pretty confident that I can convince young men to be a part of our program. Our program is going to take off. We will win.”
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NFL Network analyst

“I kind of had a feeling that Calvin was leaning more towards walking away from the game. Towards the end of the year, I had this gut feeling that he was just tired – and I mean tired in every sense of the word. Physically, emotionally. For nine years, he put that organization on his back. He never complained, he never talked about himself, he never wanted the praise. So once the season ended and how it ended – which was all too familiar to Calvin – I thought to myself, if there is rumors, I am leaning more towards retirement. And it just so happened that he pulled it off.”
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NBA legend

“I don’t think nobody thinks anybody in the East can beat them. And listen, I’m not counting them out in the championship. Everybody’s assuming it’s going to be Golden State. I’m not ready to make that assumption yet. They should win the East, but I just get sick of every week talking about the Cavaliers and who don’t like it there. There’s always drama around that team.”
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