DANA ALTMAN – 3/14/16
Oregon head coach

“I think our guys will take the challenge. They’e excited about the No. 1. I told them it doesn’t do us much good (to be No. 1) if we don’t go make it work. I think the guys will be excited about trying to do that.”
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Stony Brook head coach

“It’s a great university. It’s right on the water here in Long Island. I saw the potential and we’ve been able to slowly get better every year and start playing in postseasons and get league championships. It’s been difficult. One-bid league, though. You got to have that great weekend at the end. We’ve had good weekends. We just never quite had the great weekend.”
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SETH DAVIS – 3/15/16
CBS college basketball analyst

“They get beat up in the paint, they don’t throw it in the post as much – they are definitely going in the wrong direction. So if by some chance they do get by Syracuse, Michigan State would have to play its worst game of the season to lose to Dayton. I definitely wouldn’t foresee that happening.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“The 49ers want to sign RG3 on the cheap but they can’t bring him in now. If they bring him in for a visit now and they sign him, it undermines whatever leverage they think they have in terms of a Kaepernick trade. A lot of teams just think they’re going to cut him before his deal becomes guaranteed anyway. We’re kind of in that soft spot between the end of high-end NFL free agency and the league meetings, which get cranked up over the weekend where everyone’s together for three or four days and maybe that spurs some action.”
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KEN BERGER – 3/16/16
CBS Sports NBA insider

“So Phil, for him to kind of turn tail and leave before the job is finished here, I think, would be a pretty bad look for him. He’s got some building blocks in place. He started the job. He said when he got to New York that he was committed to returning this franchise to some semblance of respectability and creating a culture of winning and a style of play that Knicks fans could be proud of. I think it’d be a pretty bad look for him to walk way before that job was even close to done.”
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EMILY KAPLAN – 3/16/16
SI and MMQB writer

“Because I think the portrait about Johnny from afar is this is just a bad kid, he’s a party animal, he has kind of this frat-boy image and he doesn’t really care about football. To hear that there’s a little more complexity to him – maybe it’s not that he’s just totally disengaged and that he does have people in his corner, especially teammates – that did surprise me.”
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Bills HOF RB

“With free agency and with draft picks, it’s just not supposed to happen this way. This is a community that strives on guys going out, working hard (and being) blue-collar guys. And don’t get me wrong. I think all the guys that they had on the team in the past 16 years, those guys have been hard-working, but things have not fallen into place for them. Like (I’ve said) every year for the last 16 years: Maybe this year will be our year.”
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DONALD PENN – 3/17/16
Raiders offensive lineman

“I think the division is up for grabs right now. We know Denver is still going to have a strong defense, but we’re going to do things to get our offense going and get our defense going. I know Reggie has a plan. The coaching staff has a god plan. We’re going to be a tough team to mess with next year.”
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