Texas A&M head coach

“They continued to play well. But they were wearing down and I could tell our athleticism was an advantage and our quickness and aggressiveness was an advantage. Fortunately, we were able to string it out to a second overtime and I thought we were just a little more athletic than them and made enough plays to allow us to win the game.”
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KRIS BRYANT – 3/21/16
Cubs third baseman

“I never really knew what to expect, so it was a lot of fun for me. I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of being a rookie in my first year, how to act and all that, so I kind of sat back and watched. But Joe (Maddon) really hammers home to just be yourself. All the guys are themselves. It was good to experience that. We made it pretty far last year and that was nice and all, but this year, I think we expect even more.”
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NBA legend

“Just that whole process of having to go to class and be responsible for something that has nothing to do with basketball really helps make the players mature and understand that they have a responsibility more than just to the game. They have a responsibility to themselves to educate themselves and I think making it 21 instead of 18 forces them to deal with that. The college experience usually is of great benefit to athletes because it forces them to think in larger terms than just, ‘I’m going to be a wonderful athlete. Where’s my $30 million?’ It expands it beyond that.”
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JAY WRIGHT – 3/22/16
Villanova head coach

“This is a really similar matchup. Even look at their wings, McClellan versus Josh Hart. (Davon) Reed is a shooter like Kris Jenkins and (Ryan) Arcidiacono and Rodriguez – it really is a really interesting matchup. Jim Larranaga has those guys playing defensively, rebounding the ball, and offensively (they’re) kind of like us – not real complicated, but basic and fundamental and everybody plays their roles. They’re a tough team, physical. We are. It is a really good matchup.”
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Iowa State head coach

“That’s why he was the best hire for this job. He didn’t have an ego. He just wanted to come in and give us the best year possible. I think that’s what makes him such a great coach. He’s looking to find balance throughout the whole program just to make it successful. He doesn’t care about his ego or what he wants. It’s really just (about) what’s going to help us win.”
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BEN JACOBSON – 3/23/16
Northern Iowa head coach

“That part of it, their decision to handle it the way they have, the maturity at the age that they are, to have those circumstances happen on the biggest stage – and then make the decision that this is how we’re going to handle it, this is how we’re going to move forward, we are going to move forward, we are going to celebrate the year that we had and to be able to focus on those things – that, to me, has been the most impressive part of it. That has also allowed me to be able to do the same thing as their coach, watching those three seniors in particular handle themselves that way. . . . We’re moving forward. We had a great weekend and we’re moving forward.”
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RIC BUCHER – 3/24/16
Bleacher Report NBA insider

“Let’s not forget back in the day when the rumors first came out that Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James were going to get together in Miami, everyone thought ‘that’s never going to happen, that’s impossible, that can’t possibly happen. And indeed it did.”
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GARY PARRISH – 3/24/16
CBS Sports college basketball insider

“Some people at Stanford want to reconnect with their past and one of the things that is being discussed, now I don’t know that it’s going to happen, but being discussed and pushed is the idea of bringing back in people who love Stanford the way we love Stanford. Brevin Knight being the head coach, the former Stanford star, and then surrounding him other people with Stanford connections who have head coaching experience.”
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