LON KRUGER – 3/28/16
Oklahoma head coach

“It’s almost like we played them last season. Villanova is obviously playing great, and our guys know that. It’s not like Villanova has flown under the radar. They’ve been the No. 1 ranked team for much of the last six weeks, so our guys respect them. We know their personnel. But as far as what went on in that game, (it will have) very little relationship to this one on Saturday. I guess that’s the value of having an older squad in our case. The seniors understand that.”
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CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“Coach your own team, don’t talk to the other team’s players if you’re the opposing coach. You don’t do that. So when Coach K stepped over the boundaries and was talking to Dillon Brooks about you’re too good of a player to be showboating at the end of the game, well, Dillon Brook’s coach, Dana Altman, told him to shoot the ball. So he’s doing what his coach told him to do, so you’re overstepping your boundaries.”
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HOF tight end

“He probably doesn’t believe they’re going to pick up a $12 million option because that becomes guaranteed. But we’re going to see. Somebody’s bluffing. Somebody has a strong suit, and somebody has a 10-2 off-suit. So we’re going to see. Somebody’s going to have to flip the cards over, and we’re going to find out what’s going on.”
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KYLE KORVER – 3/29/16
Hawks guard

“I really think we’re playing our best basketball. I think last year, everything was kind of new to us. We hadn’t played with a target on our back. There was a lot of success early, and I feel like we maybe peaked early. I didn’t think we were playing our best basketball at the end of the season. I think this year we really had to grow as a team. I think our offense last year was just really easy for us.”
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KEN BERGER – 3/30/16
CBS Sports NBA insider

“One of the first thoughts I and was, ‘Why couldn’t Shaq and Kobe have done this? It would have made for even better TV and radio.’”
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Sports Illustrated writer

“Tiger is so far gone in so many ways. I could see him coming back in a ceremonial capacity and playing here or there. But even before the back surgeries and this long layoff he’s enduring right now, his game deteriorated so much.”
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JALEN RAMSEY – 3/31/16
NFL prospect

“Whatever team gets me after that, it’s going be a blessing for me, and I’ll give that team whatever I have. Any team that passed on me, I’ll just continue to prove why I am the best guy in this draft and why you shouldn’t have passed on me. That’ll be my mindset. It won’t be a mad or angry mindset at anybody or anyone. It’s just the way it’ll be. I’ll just continue to have to prove myself. If I’m picked No. 1, I’ll prove why that was a great decision. If I’m not picked No. 1, I’ll prove why I should have been picked No. 1.”
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Yahoo! Sports NBA columnist

“There’s been no trade talk with him. They have not talked to teams about moving him. As far as I know, I haven’t talked to one executive in the league who told me that L.A. was open. Listen, you can offer anything to somebody and they could listen. That doesn’t mean he’s available.”
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