CBSSports.com senior NFL writer

“They add Maliek Collins and Jaylon Smith with those picks instead and then they come back in the fourth and get Charles Tapper. To me, they made their defense a lot better, (especially) given what what they’ve got to deal with for these suspensions. These guys can help get them to the point where (Randy) Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence are coming back.”
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RYAN LEAF – 5/2/16
NFL bust

“That’s all we can do. We can be supportive and unconditionally love somebody for who they truly are. His identity is tied up in this Johnny Football caricature. I don’t know if he really knows who he is, or he doesn’t get to express who he really is to people – and I went through that for a long time. It’s like looking in a mirror sometimes. So we can be there.”
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NASCAR driver

“I feel like I’ve got the greatest opportunity in the world to be a race car driver and drive great equipment at RCR and I just want to go to work. You look at Jimmie Johnson, a six-time champion. People still give him flak about racing cars. It’s just part of the business that we’re in. It’s what makes it entertaining.”
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Browns rookie LB

“My biggest thing (at the Combine) was to make sure my medical checked out 100 percent and everybody knew I was healthy. That was my goal at the Combine and it came back and everything was good.”
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KEN BERGER – 5/4/16
CBSSports.com NBA writer

“They’re not going to play smarter than them. They’re not going to make better adjustments. They’re just not. Nobody is. But what Aldridge does is he sort of equalizes the talent in the series. If you want to come into the building and say you have Westbrook and Durant, okay, we have Gregg Popovich and we have some really savvy veterans and, by the way, we have LaMarcus Aldridge, who is eating you alive.”
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JASON TERRY – 5/4/16
Rockets guard

“But again, there has to be a structure put in place where each player can maximize his individual talents in the team concept. I don’t think we had that structure this year for whatever reason.”
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MATT MOORE – 5/5/16
CBSSports.com NBA writer

“There are ways in which this can work out, and a year from now we can look at it and – if not the same way we looked at Steve Kerr and Mark Jackson – at least say, ‘You know what? It worked out in the end. Bird was right.’ There are lines that lead to there. It’s the overall evaluation of Vogel that I still really struggle with.”
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White Sox manager

“They’re starting to catch guys. They’ve tried to improve it. There are always going be guys that try to find a way around it. That part you can’t stop. The guys are human, just like anything else, and trying to find an advantage. You want to be able to stop that and you want the testing to be as good as possible. That’s where you start and baseball’s been trying to do that. . . . I think each case is a littler bit unique and you got to be able to find them. I think the punishment is probably going to get more severe as we go along as the testing gets better.”
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