MLB Network analyst

“If you just pitch to the lineup, instead of the players, (you’ll be better off). If Ryan Zimmerman was swinging the bat better coming into the game or if Daniel Murphy is hitting behind Bryce Harper, you might see things a little bit differently. But I think given the circumstances, it’s the right thing to do. You’re trying to put your team in the best position to win a ball game, that’s what they did, and it ended up paying off for them.”
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JAY PATERNO – 5/9/16
Joe Paterno’s son

“Nothing has been proven. Even the judge is saying these are unsubstantiated. So they are what they are: they’re allegations. But the truth of the matter is there’s no evidence to support them. And really, for four-and-a-half years, there’s been allegation after allegation made against Joe Paterno, they’ve been reported as fact, and once the digger deeping into evidence has happened, they’ve all been proven to be false – and these will, too.”
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SEAN CASEY – 5/10/16
MLB Network analyst

“That’s where he feels like he’s best with the left, right, left. Having Zimmerman there, having the track record – you know Zimmerman’s going to get hot at some point. I just feel like right now, with teams pitching around Bryce Harper, especially when he had six walks the other day in Chicago, I think at some point you (move) Murphy because Murphy is hot right now and Harper’s not getting pitched to. Maybe this is the time for maybe a stretch here where you do put Murphy behind him and you’re letting Zimmerman get hot and then you get back to the (normal) order.”
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JON ROBINSON – 5/10/16
Titans GM

“We thought both were really talented players. Both blocked good players in their respective conferences, played at a high level, and in the end, we thought Jack kind of fit what we were going to be as a football team. He does a nice job on film, as did Laremy. In the end, we thought Jack was the best fit for us.”
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JJ REDICK – 5/11/16
Clippers guard

“People change. Of course Dwight changed. Of course stardom changed him. It changes every superstar, so I don’t think he’s unique in that. I don’t know that he did anything that wrong. Maybe it was just his indecision about whether or not to opt in or opt out of his contract. . . . Charles asked the question, and Dwight said it was because of how things ended in Orlando. It’s interesting because I would, in a sense, agree with Dwight that that’s the reason people started to dislike him. I don’t know that he’s done anything wrong since that, but people continue to dislike him. Why is that?”
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DANA WHITE – 5/11/16
UFC president

“At the end of the day, it’s about building the sport and it’s about building the UFC. If you look at what we’ve done in the past, we’ve made strategic deals to help the sport and help UFC. We will continue to do what’s right for this sport and what’s right for this company. Everything has gotten better over the last 16 years, and that’s our goal for the future. This thing’s like our baby.”
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Former MLB All Star

“I will never in my life – and I don’t think I ever have in the past – say something or do something to make somebody that does not know me like me. They hired me for the reasons they fired me. They hired me because I’m not afraid to give my opinions. I’m not malicious. I’m not going to say mean things about people. I know what I can do. But they were hiring me because I could break down pitching pretty well, but I could also criticize a player without being personal. I don’t have a problem doing that.”
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LON KRUGER – 5/12/16
Oklahoma head coach

“More than half our guys that go out early for the NBA never play in the NBA. They go out early, they don’t play in the NBA, now they’ve only got a year under their belt academically, they’re maybe not as mature or experienced as they would have been had they stayed two more years – we just have to consider all of that. Most importantly are the ones that fall through the cracks and don’t make it in the NBA.”
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