CJ NITKOWSKI – 5/16/16
MLB analyst

“It hadn’t been in the past – or at least it wasn’t enforced. It was absolutely late. Odor knew it. He knew right away it was a late slide. There was already some tension between these two teams anyway. It’s not uncommon, either. If you hit a guy like the way Jose Bautista was hit, it’s not uncommon at all for that runner to go hard at a middle infielder if the opportunity presents itself – and that’s exactly what we saw.”
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“I said, ‘Come on, Rocky!’ Now he calls me to fight him? Oh, man, I remember the audition. I had to do 10 pages and I got that right. I did the improvisation and got that. Then he wanted me to box him. He said, I want you to hit me as hard as you can.’ I’m saying to myself, ‘This guy don’t know I’ve knocked guys out at the bar.’ It was a rough position. Should I hit the guy real hard? Then I might not get the job.”
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NBA champion and NBA analyst

“I still think he’s the best player in the league. I still think he affects the game in so many different aspects. But it was poor timing. It was Steph’s day. On that day, all you talk about is he won MVP. Great. Congratulations. He’s won the MVP four times, and. LeBron wouldn’t have wanted anybody talking that type of noise about him when he won it. So I think it was poorly timed. It was almost like a look-at-me type situation where there didn’t need to be one.”
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RICH MCKAY – 5/17/16
Falcons CEO

“People have invested not just their money but they’ve also invested their personal equity in your brand and you should deliver on that. You shouldn’t just make it where the new stadium has the best premium experience ever for those customers. Let’s make it the best experience for everybody.”
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BRETT BROWN – 5/18/16
76ers head coach

“We thought he was coming along well, then he had the setback (and needed surgery last August). I think the setback really (showed his) discipline (and) professionalism. (He’s been) making sure that everything is just perfect with diet and rehab and prehab. I think he has been immaculate with his preparation. He had a scan a few days ago that showed that the bone is healing perfectly. I knock on wood every time I say that. We’re confident that we’re going to see him on a basketball court come September and October.”
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Author and The Cauldron co-founder

“I think people are looking for a yes or no answer when the real answer is maybe and we’re not going to know. Is the process vindicated if they get Karl-Anthony Towns last year instead of (Jahlil) Okafor? It’s the same process. It’s just a ping-pong ball bouncing the other way. So these are all the odds calculations that Philadelphia was looking at and saying, ‘If we give ourselves enough trips to this lottery process, we’re going to hit it once and hopefully we hit it at the right time where it gives us the player we need.’”
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MIKE TIRICO – 5/19/16
Former ESPN broadcaster

“Jon, he is so good about understanding how people think philosophically in football – what’s coming, where it’s coming from, the plays or people that are going to give a certain team trouble. There was a stretch we went through (in 2014) where almost every week on our conference call, Jon would nail what the storyline of the game was going to be. I mean, nail it. If you went back and watched the first segment of our games where we previewed what was going to happen, Jon nailed what was coming in the game every single week. He had such a great feel for it. I thought I knew a bunch about football. I learned so much in the seven years with Jon. I’m forever indebted and forever a friend.”
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HOWARD BECK – 5/19/16
Bleacher Report senior NBA writer

“And having covered Phil in L.A. for five years, I can tell you the one coach in that time that Phil would single out for praise was Jerry Sloan. And we know that Phil is not a big member of the coaching fraternity. He’s had spats with any number of coaches over the years, but Sloan is a guy that he has absolute respect and high regard for and would speak about that openly.”
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