STU JACKSON – 5/23/16
NBA TV analyst

“It doesn’t appear to be a normal basketball play, but even if it was, it was reckless. The severity of the contact, to me, was very high. The potential for an injury (was) very high. And listen, in Game 4, certainly you could get a retaliation from the Thunder for something like that.”
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PABLO TORRE – 5/23/16
ESPN columnist

“This was something that transcended anything related to sports (or) related to conventional friendship. This is something that is real and authentic and deeper. They say ‘love’ to each other. We don’t often see guys or hear guys admit to using that kind of language.”
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SCOTT BROOKS – 5/24/16
Wizards head coach

“I’ve said it – and I wasn’t just saying it because it was coach talk – I’ve always felt that they have the best team in the league. They have two of the best players in the league and they’re putting it all together. They have a chip on their shoulder, they have two of the best players and they got great role players who understand what their roles are. I wish them nothing but the best.”
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RON DARLING – 5/24/16
MLB broadcaster

“Before surgery, you go into a little bit of a slump. You know how to make the adjustments. Sometimes after surgery, it takes a little longer for that to happen. . . . I don’t think it’s going to take until the All-Star break, but it could for Matt. These are the kind of slumps that only a player of his great ability could get in the middle of.”
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FRANK VOGEL – 5/25/16
Magic head coach

“It was a big swing. It is a gut punch when you’re let go in any situation. Obviously that was difficult right off the bat for me personally. But knowing that I would have to move my family was tough.”
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ERIC WINSTON – 5/25/16
NFLPA president

“We’re into the facts. We’re into knowing what’s going on. Whatever those facts are, wherever the Harvard study leads us and has led us, we’re going to tell our membership, we’re going to let our membership know and we’re going to let our membership make a decision from there.”
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Fox Sports college football insider

“I think it’s just a real example of a school that had been such a doormat for so long that basically sold its soul to be good at football – and got burned by it. It affected a lot of women and a lot of folks around there in a really, really ugly way.”
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CLAY TRAVIS – 5/26/16
College football analyst

“One is if you win in college athletics, people will look the other way for basically anything. Let’s be honest. They pretty much will. And two is Title IX is a well-intentioned attempt to make sexual assault less likely and also make campuses safer. The problem is as it’s applied, colleges do not have the resources or ability to investigate sexual assault and make determinations of fact about whether or not they are likely or not likely to occur.”
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