The Vertical NBA analyst

“Everybody wood rearrange their salary cap and make dramatic changes to their roster for the chance to get him. But the run Oklahoma City made, my sense is it makes them think, ‘I’m a lot closer here at the end of the year than I thought maybe I was back in December and January.’”
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RIC BUCHER – 5/31/16
Bleacher Report NBA insider

“We can look at it in hindsight and say, ‘Maybe he should have done this, maybe he should have done that.’ He pressed way too many buttons in his first run as a rookie coach to get this Thunder team to knock out the San Antonio Spurs and take the Warriors to Game 7. For me to now second-guess his going away from the big lineup (wouldn’t be right). He made a lot of dramatic moves that ultimately worked for him. I just can’t see one particular move, ultimately, that was the difference. The difference, to me, is the Warriors have a system. Steve Kerr is not guessing. Steve Kerr knows what works. Steve Kerr can go to Anderson Varejao and Leandro Barbosa for two minutes and not only have them protect a six-point lead, (but also) expand it. Billy Donovan doesn’t have the understanding of his roster to the level that Steve Kerr does, nor should we expect that he would.”
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JIM PALMER – 6/1/16
MLB HOF pitcher

“It was so obvious what he (did was on purpose). I’m very surprised. If he had been suspended, which is really the risk you take – not to mention you get into a fight and somebody gets hurt – is that really worth it? The machoism of trying to throw at somebody? And you didn’t even hit him.”
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Ravens offensive lineman

“The toradol shot that we are administered – essentially, if you’ve gotten injuries, it helps you push through the upcoming game by masking the pain. And also players take it to mask any pain that, at the NFL level, (they’ll) almost (certainly) experience.”
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Turner Sports NBA analyst

“It would not surprise me at all to see this go to a seven-game series. It may come down to a jump-shot from behind the three-part line. To me, it’s a pick-it. I don’t know if it’s the veteran experience and the fact that they’ve been on a mission all year for Golden State that makes the difference, or if it’s the hunger of the Cavaliers to come back at them with a full cast of characters this year and try to prove that they’re the better team.”
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TOM GLAVINE – 6/2/16
MLB HOF pitcher

“I don’t know if it’ll ever happen, but that, to me, would be my biggest concern. I guess if hitters want to do that, then they have be equally prepared if there are pitchers out there that want to do a cartwheel when they strike a guy out. It’s fair game. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.”
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