For all the talk about what Kevin Durant may or may not do this offseason, what about the Los Angeles Clippers? After all, DeAndre Jordan came very close to becoming a Dallas Maverick last offseason – and probably should have been.

So, what are the chances that the Clippers trade Jordan, Chris Paul or Blake Griffin?

“I don’t think it’s a likelihood, but it wouldn’t shock me either,” three-time Sixth Man of the Year winner Jamal Crawford said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “After awhile, people are like, ‘Okay, we’ve seen this before. Whether it was their fault or not, we’re kind of tired of seeing them reach the second round and not do anything more.’ I understand that point of view. But I think chemistry is underrated. Teams search for it. When you have that, you hold on to that and know that you’re not that far away.”

The Golden State Warriors, of course, are already there. They are two games away from winning their second consecutive NBA title, while the Cleveland Cavaliers, who looked untouchable in the East, look pathetic on the game’s greatest stage.

“I was surprised not by Game 1 – because that could have went either way – but by Game 2 because I thought they would have played more desperate,” Crawford said. “You come to get a split, and obviously going down 2-0, you put all the pressure on yourself going back home because you have to win those two, and ultimately you’ll have to win one in Golden State. I was just disappointed with the fact that they didn’t play more desperate.”

But why didn’t they? Why didn’t the Cavs play with energy and urgency?

“I think for them as a group, it’s been pretty smooth sailing for them,” Crawford said. “They won their first (10 playoff) games. In the West, the Warriors have been on guard playing OKC and just trying to get that record every night. They just want it. When things get down, they’ve seen pretty much every situation. They don’t panic. They just stay true to who they are, and when they’re being themselves, they’re tough to beat.”

Two titles and two MVPs, including the first-ever unanimous nod, would be quite a haul for Steph Curry, who, unfortunately, is receiving some backlash for the way in which the media covers him.

“I don’t think (NBA players) resent Steph himself, but I think it’s gotten to a point where I can see certain guys (thinking) it’s kind of going over the top,” Crawford said. “I’ve seen that before. You can kind of feel that, and I’m sure the Warriors feel that.”

Media, for example, go crazy over Curry’s warm-up routine. Curry certainly isn’t the first player have elaborate pregame theatrics, but he sure seems to get a lot of attention for it.

“It’s different,” Crawford said. “The tunnel shot, I remember Monta Ellis doing that 10 years ago almost. But obviously Steph is getting a lot of praise and credit for it, and that’s fine. I’m sure there are certain NBA players that are like, ‘Enough is enough,’ but they’re the champions so I guess it kind of comes with the territory.”


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