GREG OLSEN – 6/13/16
Panthers tight end

“Things are happening way faster than they are when people are watching on TV. There’s a lot of bodies and there’s a lot of decisions that are split-second reactions that try to result in as good an end game as possible. I don’t think anyone would ever question Cam’s toughness, commitment to being physical, taking blows that he has to take for us to win – he’s asked to do more physically than any quarterback probably in the history of the NFL. So from a physical standpoint, I don’t think anyone can ever really question that.”
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ALEXI LALAS – 6/13/16
FOX Sports 1 soccer analyst

“I just care that they figure out a way to do it, and if they do it by going back to the past and using all of those attributes that have been part and parcel of the U.S. team, that’s okay with me. You got to tweak it and you got to be a better version of it, but that’s okay. Because to me, that’s a type of progress. Is it living up to being a completely proactive and different type of team? No, but I think that’s not going to happen, certainly not in the short term right now.”
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MATT MOORE – 6/14/16
CBS Sports NBA writer

“His passing has been mediocre-to-bad during most of the playoffs. While I think that you can definitely say that injury has played a part in his limited effectiveness, when he’s hitting his jumper, that overrides everything. But it does show you the difference between Curry and some of the other stars in their ability to impact the game on multiple levels.”
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PERRY ELLIS – 6/15/16
NBA Draft prospect

“My four years, each year I feel like I got better and better. I got to experience a lot of different things, and we won a lot of championships. This past season, we had such a great team. We did such a great job, but we just fell a little short.”
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Sports reporter

“Now short of calling a man a liar and having finger prints or evidence, if a person denies it and he does it somewhat jovially and my exchange with him is somewhat jovial in context of the times, not 24 years later, and to be judged as somehow an enabler or someone who is chummy with a double murderer – and make no mistake: I definitely believe he savagely murdered two people – is so unfair and so ridiculous without an attempt on Ezra’s part or ESPN’s part to try to give me a chance in context to put it into perspective. It was exactly what people were thinking of O.J. at the time in 1992.”
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Cardinals third baseman

“According to what you’re saying, we were the best team in baseball last year, when we won 100 games. But we didn’t win it. The Royals ended up winning it. They were the best team in baseball. That’s just my take on it. At the end of the season in October, the team that takes home that trophy, that’s going to be the best team in baseball. If that’s the Cubs, then so be it. If that’s the St. Louis Cardinals or the Kansas City Royals or the San Francisco Giants, then that’ll be the best team in baseball.”
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NBA Draft prospect

“Of course, he’s beyond my years right now, but where I’m trying to get to as a basketball player, I idolized him when I was younger all the way up to now. So to go against him now and try to learn from him and be the best that I can be, it’s like a dream come true.”
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