RIC BUCHER – 6/20/16
Bleacher Report NBA insider

“If I can get two two-way wing players, I can do that. Kevin contributed last night. He’s still very young. How happy he is in that third role, I don’t know. And the real question is do you build around him? I don’t think (his Game 7 performance) closes the door on them seeing what they can get; it’s a matter of what they can get that will decide whether they move him or not.”
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HUNTER MAHAN – 6/20/16
PGA golfer

“There really weren’t a whole lot of huge names coming into the weekend, and I think a lot of people expected him to win. That really shows you something: When somebody expects you to do it and you come through and do it, (it’s impressive).”
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Yahoo! Sports NBA insider

“There’s no comparison between Cleveland and Oklahoma City in terms of (longevity). The team is still a baby in Oklahoma City. It’s been 50 years in Cleveland. But he’s very ingrained in Oklahoma City. He is very much a part of that community and he’s been with a team and an organization where they’ve had a lot of ups and downs, and you wonder (if he) watched that (and thought), ‘Hey, it would be very meaningful to win it here. Let me give it another run. One more year.’ And financially, there’s rewards to wait a year and then he can look at free agency.”
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TIM KAWAKAMI – 6/21/16
Bay Area News Group columnist

“That’s not why he backed out of the Olympics in Brazil. He just wants rest. Now if a month goes by and his knee is still aching or an ankle feels bad, absolutely they’re going to look at it again. But at this point, again, if you take what he says straight up, which I do, there’s no plan for (surgery). He’s going to let everything calm down for a couple weeks. But he’s going to be judged by playing poorly, certainly in many minutes of Game 7. It’s not because he played hurt. It’s because he played poorly.”
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LUKE WALTON – 6/22/16
Lakers head coach

“We had an incredible team up there, and you continue to grind away and do what makes you successful. You take it one game at a time, you take it one quarter at a time. When you have players that have confidence in what we do, anything is possible. That’s the great thing about sports. It’s what makes it so fun. It’s what makes it entertaining for the fans. We did an incredible thing coming back against a great team (like Oklahoma City) and being able to advance in the NBA Finals.”
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NBA prospect

“I definitely had some low points, but now coming out the other side of it, I’m grateful for every experience I had, even the rough ones with the injury. I learned a lot, I grew a lot and I’m really proud that I stuck with it. I experienced some of the best things Duke has to offer.”
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BOBBY MARKS – 6/23/16
Yahoo! Sports The Vertical insider

“I would hope that any move, if you’re Oklahoma City, that you’ve got to have him kind of in the loop a little bit here. Not to get his blessing, but kind of run something by him. If it raises a red flag for him, then I would be overly cautious as far as (making) a deal like that.”
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MATT HOLIDAY – 6/23/16
Cardinals outfielder

“We’ve played really well on the road, not so great at home. We bounced back and played really well in Chicago. I don’t think we (had) swept the Cubs in Chicago in a three-game series since 1988. Outside of losing some close games this past home stand, we’ve been playing pretty good baseball.”
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