WBA welterweight champion

“It was the biggest stage, the biggest platform. I’m fighting a colleague of mine, somebody that I grew up in the sport with, somebody that I knew very well, somebody that I knew was going to test me to the fullest and (try) to take that title. The arena and the energy was so great.”
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Bulls rookie SF

“It was great. It was very exciting for me. It’s (in) Big Ten country. I played in Chicago. I played at the United Center multiple times every year. I’m just very excited to be in a program like the Chicago Bulls. Winning tradition, greatest player of all time played here – you can’t get no better than that, so I’m very excited.”
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MIKE DITKA – 6/28/16
Legendary NFL head coach

“I knew Buddy wasn’t doing real good. I hadn’t seen him for awhile, but I saw him probably about eight months ago, and I knew he wasn’t doing real well, but I didn’t know it was this bad. He was a great guy, a great coach. We had our differences at times, but the Bears of ’85 won the Super Bowl because of Buddy Ryan and his defense and his coaching. That’s as simple as I can put it. I can’t put it any other way. He did a great, great job. His players loved him and they played hard for him.”
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KARA LAWSON – 6/28/16
Former Tennessee basketball player

“When I was in middle school, when I was in high school, I’d see her on the TV and I’d see her intensity and I’d see her competitiveness and the way she was yelling and I just remember thinking, ‘Who is this woman? Who is she? I want to play for her.’ You don’t know a lot of things when you’re 18 years old, but the one thing I did know that I wanted to do was reach my potential. I knew that I wanted to maximize whatever I could be as a player and as a person, and when I met Pat, I knew that she would do that. It’s the best decision I’ve made.”
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KEVIN DING – 6/29/16
Bleacher Report NBA writer

“All the things that the Lakers want to sell him on cannot override the fact that they’re not close to winning a championship. They’re not really close to making the playoffs right now. There are certain free agents you can sell on individual accomplishments and more touches and these things and money, obviously. But Kevin Durant has done a lot of these things already, so logically speaking, when he has all the options that he has, why would he choose the Lakers and wait around for years hoping they would win?”
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Clippers rookie

“I’m looking forward to that and definitely looking forward to catching lobs from CP (Chris Paul). Just playing along with Blake (Griffin) and DeAndre (Jordan), just being able to get to know those guys and being able to help them out down low – I’m looking forward to the whole experience.”
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PETER KING – 6/30/16
MMQB analyst

“That’s just a gut feeling. I think (the Bills) know they certainly don’t want to enter the season with Ryan Fitzpatrick holding out. They want Ryan Fitzpatrick. There’s absolutely no question that Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker – that entire offense – wants Fitzpatrick. My feeling is they just do a very easy, simple one-year deal for $10 million. Then if Ryan Fitzpatrick plays great, then they continue to delay the (Christian) Hackenberg (era) for another year. If he doesn’t play great, then they don’t have to have any financial obligation to him beyond 2016. They can give the job to Hackenberg either late this year or at the start of 2017.”
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SAM AMICK – 6/30/16
USA Today NBA insider

“Everybody you talk to continues to say the OKC return is very likely. Some people who are involved are even going farther and kind expressing some sentiment that this is all a charade that’s ultimately not going to have any substance to it. Kevin is a pretty authentic, genuine guy, and I don’t think this is a case of a guy trying to make the rounds for the sake of enjoying all the different attaboys and the recruiting process. But I do think he’s an unrestricted free agent; you only get this freedom so many times, so if nothing else, he’s going to listen, he’s probably going to learn a few things, but then ultimately I think he goes back to OKC.”
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