MARC SPEARS – 7/5/16
The Undefeated writer

“Now imagine them with him. How much did you enjoy watching them without Kevin Durant last year? I think he understands those guys with the Warriors get it. Steph could average more. So could Klay. As long as they win, everybody’s going to be happy. It’s hard to complain when you’re winning.”
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Rockies shortstop

“Through spring training, it was a weird process and into that first month. But after that first month, I felt in my element and at ease in my routine and what I was doing. I felt good with he guys on the team, and they backed me and supported me. I’d say it took about a month to really come into my own with the routine and all that.”
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NBA legend

“It wasn’t like it is today where all the guys collude to get together and try to dominate. We always had competitive series. How long did it take Isiah Thomas to get through the Celtics? How long did it take Michael Jordan to get through the Pistons? There was always competition.”
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Former NBA All-Star

“Being a Chicago guy, all of us that kind of grew up in Chicago watching the Bulls win those six titles, we all dreamed about playing for the Bulls. So I think he’s fulfilling a dream of his by joining the Chicago Bulls. I think it’s a great situation for him and his career. As far as potential for having a good season, they’re both probably the same – and if Chris Bosh doesn’t come back next year, they’re probably going to not be very good. So I think it’s a great decision.”
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NBA forward

“But him going elsewhere and achieving that goal, I don’t think it tarnishes his legacy or anything like that. I just think it builds on to it – and it’s going to be hard. That’s the Evil Empire now, adding Kevin Durant with Steph Curry. They were the NBA darlings, but now they’re going to be the Evil Empire with that new addition. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens moving forward.”
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