ADAM DUVALL – 7/11/16
Reds outfielder

“Getting to play every day, getting a bunch of at-bats and just being able to string those at-bats together, just (trying) to play well – it’s happened so far and I’m looking forward to keeping it going.”
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DAVE ODOM – 7/11/16
Former Wake Forest head coach

“I said, ‘Timmy, we’re going to have to have a press conference. They’re going to ask you why you’re coming back here for your fourth year. What are you going to tell them?’ He said, ‘Coach, that’s easy. Why should I try to do today something that I’ll be better prepared to do a year from today?’ Meaning, I need another year of basketball. I need another year of maturation. I want my degree. I can’t do that if I leave now. I’ll be better prepared to play NBA basketball a year from now. I remember the day he said that to me, and I was astounded. I don’t know many adults that could come up with something with that type of introspection.”
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“I went down there, I hung out and with him and Bob Mazur. I hung out with both of them and spent a lot of time on the phone. I’m a nerd. I’m asking millions of questions. When you got there, what did you say to the informant? How do you get the informant to talk? How do you hide your wire? I’m constantly asking millions of questions. I want to get stuff right.”
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The Bachelor host

“Like you said, the women obviously provide us more of (the) stories that linger. Guys don’t let issues linger. We put it on the table, we measure it and we hit each other and grab a beer and move on. Women tend to let things fester and let it go longer, and so that gives you better drama and stories that are prolonged. But (this season has been) pretty good. JoJo is a great girl. She’s a Dallas girl, so I always tend to favor my hometown girls and we got along well. I think she’s a good catch. It was an interesting group of guys.”
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Former NFL WR

“But this is what you had to do to move that needle. Von Miller is doing is what he believes he has to (do to) move the needle again. We’re all doing what we’re supposed to do, I believe, in that situation to move the needle and keep getting the number up. Von Miller deserves to be the highest-paid defensive player in the league. . . . Von Miller ended his contract with a Super Bowl ring. He should break the bank. Go get quarterback money and reset the room for defensive ends. That’s business. I hope he does it.”
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SEC Network college football analyst

“Everyone thought he was dead and gone last year and he kind of worked this magic and ate some grass and came back to life. I think he realizes, ‘What do I have to lose right now? Do I have really anything to lose?’ Some people think he has no pressure. Some people think he does. But I do think LSU has to do something different.”
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Former NFL RB

“I love having this conversation. People look at me and they say, ‘Oh, he’s a football player,’ and they have certain assumptions about who I am. At the core, I’m a healer and I’m a spiritual person. What I find with cannabis is it helps me detach from when I over-identify with labels that don’t work for me. It gives me this space to introspect and get a sense of who I really am and move forward.”
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