With so many Texas schools in the Big 12 – Baylor, TCU, Texas Tech, and, well, Texas – you might think there would be opposition to adding another university from the Lone Star State to the conference. Well, apparently there isn’t.


“No, in fact, I was told point blank today that the University of Texas would not stand in the way of Houston’s candidacy,” HornsDigest.com writer Chip Brown told Damon Amendolara, who was filling in as host of CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “There’s a lot of political legislative muscle from Houston right now in Austin that wants to see Houston in the Big 12 and is leaning on the Texas chancellor and president to let them know that that’s what they would like to see. So this is a good time for the University of Houston, for the Big 12 Board of Directors to be advocating for two to four expansion candidates.”

Houston, along with BYU, Cincinnati, Colorado State, Memphis, UCF and UConn, are among the teams generating the most Big 12 buzz.

“I’m hearing that if they’re going to expand, it’s most likely going to be by four rather than two,” Brown said, “because of provisions in the TV contract that call for the TV partners to pay equal share of the revenue right now for up to six schools added to the league.”

DA believes that Houston is a nice candidate for the Big 12, as is Cincinnati. But are there really four good options out there for the Big 12?

Maybe, maybe not.

“When you get to that, it almost sounds like a money grab,” Brown said. “Bob Bowlsby and David Boren, the Oklahoma president who’s the chair of the Big 12 Board of Directors, said we’re looking for growth stock – schools on the rise. Boren kind of referred to TCU as a school that got into the Big 12 and has figured it out and blossomed. Well, they had that with Louisville. They passed on Louisville. Are there four schools that can all blossom like that? West Virginia is still waiting to blossom in the Big 12. So you got to have great football, you got to have great football coaches. Some of these schools that you look to add, their football programs are in transition. Obviously Houston is the best-looking at the ball, but some of the other programs like BYU and Memphis are starting with new head coaches and that’s a little risky.”

If four schools are added, Brown believes that Houston, Cincinnati and BYU would top the Big 12 wish list.

“It’s early and I think some schools will try to buy their way in,” Brown said. “I don’t think that’s necessarily a factor that needs to be placed high on the list. I think they need to stick with good football coaches. But I think it’s those three and then everyone fighting maybe for the fourth spot.”


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