SCOTT FUJITA – 7/18/16
Former NFL LB

“I’ve likened him to Pat Tillman in some ways. They’re both such unique characters and I haven’t met anyone else like them. Sort of counter-culture, sort of the anti-football player, didn’t even have a TV, rode his bike around town in New Orleans, occasionally drove (an environment-friendly) pick-up truck – all these things that sounded whacky, but that was just him. World traveler, musician, had a creative mind, just like the opposite of most guys that I got to know in locker rooms.”
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NATE EBNER – 7/19/16
Patriots safety

“Right now, I was given a leave of absence to do this. I’m giving everything that I have to this, and all these guys that have worked their tails off – some of them for five or six years waiting for this moment – I’m going to give them everything that I have. When I get done with the Olympics, I’ll address that accordingly, however that falls into place.”
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JONAH KERI – 7/19/16
CBS Sports MLB writer

“Even if it’s somebody like Miller, who’s a great, great pitcher, it’s still a relief pitcher. Good relief pitchers are much easier to find than 23-year-olds with the potential to hit 30 or 35 home runs for the next five years in a row in addition to walking 100 times a season.”
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DAVE PORTNOY – 7/20/16
Barstool Sports founder

“When I talk to him – and I have talked to him a decent amount in the last six months. Weird, strange, FaceTime messages and stuff when I’m talking to the guy at 10 at night and I don’t even know what we’re talking about. I’ve never met him. He acts normal when I’m talking to him, but then you see all these things, these stories. Just the other day, he punched some dude in the face at a wedding. So who knows? I think he’s all over the map. I think what’s unusual is he has money and means and all that stuff, but if you know what is actually going on in his head right now, then you’re Freud, I guess. He’s just all over the map. It’s different every day.”
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CHIP BROWN – 7/20/16 writer

“There’s a lot of political legislative muscle from Houston right now in Austin that wants to see Houston in the Big 12 and is leaning on the Texas chancellor and president to let them know that that’s what they would like to see. So this is a good time for the University of Houston, for the Big 12 Board of Directors to be advocating for two to four expansion candidates.”
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DENNIS DODD – 7/21/16 college football insider

“I don’t know if I have an opinion on it yet. I would miss the kickoff. It’s almost the intentional walk of football. You don’t get touchdowns all the time, but there will be that faction who say, ‘Yeah, you’re doing too much to the game.’ But it’s coming. The NFL is talking about the injuries are too much. But I just mentioned Greg Schiano’s (suggestion), which might add an exciting element to the game, which makes it more excited than the kickoff now.”
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HERM EDWARDS – 7/21/16
ESPN analyst

“I just think they look at him and say, ‘Hey, he had a great year, but it’s been one year. It’s one year of work and this guy’s been on five football teams.’ So they’re looking at that, too. His best success has been with Chan Gailey and this offense. I think he had a fabulous year. If he would’ve gotten to the playoffs, maybe we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but that wasn’t the case.”
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