Former Pro Bowl WR

“Brett was comfortable. He wasn’t afraid to make mistakes. He made mistakes and he made great plays. For Donovan in Philly, it was more like a system when I was there. He improvised here and there, but it was more like a system that just had to work on the same cylinders to really be effective. It was a little different style, a little more deeper with Donovan. Brett was just so great at those three-step drops and those quick throws and throwing into coverage.”
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MARK PRIOR – 8/8/16
Former MLB pitcher

“It’s not for me to judge and have a historical reference to what he’s done. It’s a tough situation. I pitched in that era, I played against a lot of guys who probably took it. I pitched against Alex Rodriguez. The guy was a phenomenal player before he probably was busted for that stuff, and the guy had a long career. There’s a fine line between going out and doing everything you can to win ball games and then obviously circumventing the system to make yourself above and beyond or better than anybody else.”
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Former MLB outfielder

“That’s just the reality of it, especially when it comes to fans and the public. Buy guys that got caught doing steroids, those guys should (be held) to a different standard than guys that have just been under suspicion. When you hold a guy under suspicion, he’s no different than the guy that wasn’t under suspicion because he never failed the test, you couldn’t prove anything and there’s nothing to it. It’s just people’s perspective on it and what they think. With that being said, guys that have been caught – that’s why there’s rules in place to deal with players like that, and I think they’ve done that.”
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Former U.S. soccer player

“So it was really hard for me and I realized I was really lucky because most people go through that in their careers more than that. I have people come up to me today – literally today – and say, ‘I’m so pissed at Jurgen for not taking you.’ What I realized is that the reason it resonated with people is because everybody’s gone through something in their life that felt that way. They’re on different levels and different walks of life, but they felt, ‘I should have got the job and this person did. I got fired when I didn’t deserve to be fired.’ Everybody’s gone through something like that, and I think that’s why it resonated.”
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MIKE SANDO – 8/10/16 NFL reporter

“I think he hasn’t maybe done it as long without having a good defense. Remember, early in his career, he was kind of like where Russell Wilson and Cam Newton were. You know he’s good, they’ve won; but you sort of gave the credit more to the rest of the team. I think that was true for Roethlisberger for a while, and I think as he’s gotten experience, he’s become probably smarter and grown. (He received) 33 out of 42 votes in the top tier. I think he’s a little bit better than ‘as low as a 1 could be,’ but I think maybe the consistency isn’t quite what it’s been for a Tom Brady.”
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DARA TORRES – 8/10/16
Olympic medalist

“It seems like every night a world record has been broken. The thing is, the crowd is really behind the U.S. too. Obviously when the Brazilians come out, they go nuts. But when Michael Phelps swam and Katie Ledecky (swam) last night, the crowd was crazy. It’s just so fun to watch.”
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WILL BRINSON – 8/11/16
CBS Sports NFL writer

“Because of the situation with Tom Brady, you have to get (Jimmy) Garoppolo as many reps as you possibly can (in the preseason). You can’t let him get hurt and you’re going to simplify your playbook and you’re going to make sure that ball’s coming out quick. You’re going to make sure he’s getting rid of it and there’s no chance he’s taking shots. . . . I would expect that Garoppolo gets some pretty decent run throughout the preseason.”
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