C.J. NITKOWSKI – 8/15/16
MLB analyst and Eye on Baseball host

“He hasn’t been playing much and you saw how the last couple of weeks went for him in New York. Pinch-hitting is one of the most difficult things to do in baseball anyway. Staying sharp even though you’re not playing every day is also very difficult, so a lot of things are kind of working against Alex. But at the same time, if you have a need, it’s sort of difficult to address that need, and with (Giancarlo) Stanton going down now as well, they have some serious offensive concerns in Miami.”
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Olympic correspondent

“It wasn’t a loud, crazy cheer. It was a ‘Oh my god, this guy falls behind again, and in the course of 10 seconds seems as though he can drive by a Ferrari.’ . . . It’s remarkable. He himself says he’s not a great starter, and every time he’s not a great starter, but man, those last 40 or 50 meters, he is unbeatable. And then the style he wins with is incredible.”
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DAN HELLIE – 8/16/16
NFL Network Total Access host

“This is something that they gave away and they’re not going to be able to get back until the new CBA – and it’s a 10-year deal. Yeah, he’s judge, jury and executioner. Right, wrong or indifferent, that’s the reality of the situation. The NFLPA, I’m sure, is going to fight it, as they do most things. I don’t know that they’re going to win.”
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NBA TV host

“You’re looking at Luis Scola, 36, Manu Ginobili, 39, Carlos Delfino, 33, Andres Nocioni, 36. Practically anybody who is going to be impactful tomorrow, sans their point guard, is well into their mid-30s. While I like to think it’s the highlight of my life right now in my early 30s, these guys and their basketball careers, they’re starting to (regress) in international competition and professional competition. So it’s these other countries not developing the next generation of superstars that made these countries relevant – or at least feared – by USA squads 10, 12, 16 years ago.”
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SAM AMICK – 8/17/16
USA Today NBA insider

“Paul’s not the only one being honest and candid about that aspect. Kevin Durant has said some similar things. The thing is, the Olympic history with the men’s team – once they figured things out after 2004 and 2006 – is domination. The continuity that Coach K and Jerry Colangelo were hoping for in the way they built the program over those years is just not there this year, again, because of all the guys that pulled out. You only got two guys on this team who were part of the London Olympics (and) four guys who were part of the FIBA team in Spain. That stuff is all coming into play. We’ll see what happens. The nice thing for them is that it’s a whole lot better to talk about barely winning than it is actually having that winning streak come to an end.”
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NFL Network analyst

“I think the NFL right now is being a little bit reactionary. That’s kind of an issue with this league right now. The fact that there’s a lot of public interest in it, it seems like that’s what’s driving the inquiries, what’s driving the investigation instead of stone cold hard facts. I saw George Atallah with the NFLPA earlier today (saying) there’s no evidence. If there’s no evidence, why are we going through the whole process? Because it’s such a public opinion piece. I think we need to stop being reactionary and do our business and do it well.”
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ORLANDO PACE – 8/18/16

“For us, it was great. I loved those long touchdowns. We were always having that ‘It’s always about us’ mentality. We felt even if we were down by 21 points, with our offense, we felt like we could come back and win the game. That was just the confidence that we had in our team and our offense. We had so many skills guys on our team. It was a lot of fun playing in that offense.”
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Olympic gymnast

“But we all for the most part have a really good and healthy relationship. We all support each other out on the floor. We just do our job and do what we trained to do. At the end of the day, it’s competition. It is what it is, being a team and also an individual. But we all encourage each other and we support each other. Win or lose, we’re still there and we’re still Team USA.”
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